From bad experince to a "static" experince

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by yoni42, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. yoni42

    yoni42 Guest

    One week ago I was Taking LSD, after I experince a bad trip from Nbome.
    The LSD I was taking was pure LSD.
    after I drop the acid it start to feel grate, but i didn't experince a good
    trip or bad trip it was "normal" or "static" like the first time i was taking
    My experince was verry starnge because i didn't felt like i felt
    before. uselly when i trip, I think all the time about the universe
    and all that stuff of thing, But that trip it's like I didn't care so much about that.
    the strange think about my experince was The moment when I felt "I'm back"
    (It's the feeling that i was tripping uselly) "It's gone" (another experince).
    In the end I felt like i was born again and all the paranoia gone,
    It's like I was getting out from the black hole, and the Light blinding me.
    My quastion is that normal? to feel like that after a bad experince?
    because it's verry starnge that i didn't felt good or bad.
    my paranoia gone, and that is a good point, but know i feel that i think differently and My imagination is not like before.
    thanx for command. :)
  2. lyleleno

    lyleleno Member

    Every trip is different. It's uncommon for me, but a few of my trips have felt very emotionally 'baseline' which just means you have more to look forward to the next time. Take some time to think about the experience, it sounds like you got some good out of it and often I find my insights take a bit of reflecting to really manifest themselves.
  3. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    Your mindset going into a trip can dramatically effect it and as lyleleno said every trip is different. LSD tends to be the most dynamic psychedelic for me in terms of eliciting a wide array of emotions, so I can't really relate specifically to LSD with what you are suggesting but I have experienced 'neutrality' on other trips.

    Many people report experiences of feeling 'reborn' on LSD trips, in particular on the first few trips. But to reiterate trips tend to vary.
  4. yoni42

    yoni42 Guest

    maybe I didn't explain what i felt exactly.
    so after my bad trip experience on Nbome, I felt pranoia and Anxiety.
    that's normal to feel like that after a bad trip experience, but the strange thing is that i felt my mind is blowing of full thought and it's like I was
    Able to think verry fast, and complex (I usually feel like that but it was more
    than enough).
    and my brain was verry fonctional on the Frontal lobe part, but not all
    the part of my Frontal lobe only in one point between my eye's in the top
    of my nouse:
    this time when I droped the LSD (It was a pure LSD, without mixing).
    I felt at the beggining great, and i knew it will fix my paranoia and anxiety.
    but after an 3 hour's i felt that something change's, idk what it was at first.
    but i realize that i don't see the world as i see it usually on LSD.
    usually I fill on LSD that my brain thinking verry fast, happy, in love of the universe, and all the time i get new thought's about the universe, new thinking about the physical world, phylosophy and more.
    if my brain usually think 100 km'h (normally), on LSD it's 200 km'h.
    on this experience, at first I felt that the experience was empty,
    and totally different, I was able to thinking clear, like I'm not on LSD.
    I didn't get any feeling's, the experience didn't was good or bad.
    after 30 minutes I felt that the experience as usually i experince come back
    about 5 sec, and and gone.
    this strange phenomen was 5 time's, and i give up and I remmber that
    I said "fuck never mind, if it's like that it sould be like that".
    I came back home, and get new tought and conection and I didn't know what
    it was but it was strange.
    before the trip ended I got a flesh lighting verry stronge, and I didn't felt
    my Frontal lobe like it was cold.
    after 2 week's i felt again my Frontal lobe, And now I am more focuse
    and sociable.
    I start too feeling my Frontal lobe start to be full again (mabe Nbome damage my brain), now I'm feelling my mind is in a normal state.
    my quastion it is, is because my chemical brain change? and now
    I'm get used to the "new changing" or it is "my mind is going back to what he was before".
    thnx for command guys :)
  5. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    There's a lot that's going on in your head. I'd love to talk about it all, but what I really just want to say now, is that you can't feel your frontal lobe. No one can. There are no sensory receptors there. So I think you might be thinking about things and basing some conclusions off some incorrect ideas about your body/brain/mind. I also really doubt NBOME "damaged" your brain, it sounds to me like you are pretty naturally an anxious and very busy minded person, you had a bad time with a psychedelic, it made your normal anxious mind even more anxious for a while, and now what appears to be a very weak POSSIBLE LSD trip has given you some calm back.

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