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    I"m getting kind of worried...All i dream about are friends, or I'll have a normal dream, then afterwards, ill have a dream about friends. I'll dream about meeting new friends, or hanging out with my friends, or meeting my friends again, after not seeing them in a while. There is this girl who works in a store, like a red barn with a bunch of old junk in it, and whenever i sleep at home, im hanging out with her, or this guy thats kind of like a cowboy. Like he wears a cowboy hat and boots, but doesnt talk like one. It freaks me out too, cause im just hanging out with these people, nothing crazy or "dream-like". I had this dream that me and my friend justin were hanging out at cityplace, then decided to go to a chinese resturant. In another one, me and him and his girl went to the circuit city to buy a boom box. It's like i have so little friends in real life, i have dream up some. Does this happen to anyone else?
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    I haven't had any dreams about friends like that...or at least any I can remember, but I don't know why this worries you. It just means that it is something that is on your mind a lot, or something you have recently been thinking about.

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