Friends need a crash course in smoking courtesy 101

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by SG69, May 28, 2007.

  1. swazo

    swazo i am amazing.

    don't give me that bullshit and play the age card.

    "we just know" like hell you do.

    I've been with tons of 25 - 30 year olds who are just as stupid as anyone else.

    Its a simply rule that says "dont hog the joint and rotate it this way"

    seriously dude, get off your high horse.

  2. PurpleGel

    PurpleGel Senior Member

    i never pack a bowl and proceed to take the first hit with pride or some sense of entitlement. i pass the fresh green to guests/friends and wait for it to come back to me before i get my first hit.

    why does it even matter who takes the first hit?? it never ends up finishing on the same person as it started so the rotation is almost always going to be a bit "unfair." everyone in a reasonably-sized circle will get a hit anyway.

    i've been smoking weed for eight years and have never ever had the problems that you guys seem to have! LOL. if you don't want to share your weed, don't pack bowls when there's 20 people in the room! just go out back with your friends or whatever.
  3. slaterr

    slaterr Member

    i dont really care if people hold onto the shit for a little cause i do it sometimes
    the only thing that angers me is when someone breaks the joint
    nothing else pissing me off more than that
  4. HenryRoux

    HenryRoux Member

    All my friends and i do the puff, puff, pass; we only have one spoken rule between us, if smoking a blint with 3 or less people bogart that as much as you want. In the end everyone gets high.
  5. s0ma

    s0ma Member

    I don't really run into that problem with my friends. We usually have the "rule" that the rotation goes "weed, piece, car/house" (whoever supplied each thing for our session) for the first round anyway. I think it's fair. Sometimes someone will hog the joint/bowl/whatever but by that point I'm pretty much too high to care.
  6. PurpleGel

    PurpleGel Senior Member

    at times, i get so high i forget that the bowl has landed on me in the rotation and get carried away by an intriguing conversation or some compelling music only to find, several minutes later--and through friendly elucidation by my fellows--that i do in fact have the bowl; it's no problem at all, however, and i just pass it to the left and on we go, continuing the roll 'n bowl or vape session or whatever the circumstance is.
  7. That kind of problem sucks. In my circle everyone is respectful, so we don't really need rules or anything.
  8. pianoperson60

    pianoperson60 Senior Member

    I hate it when a joint is burning and someone starts talking and talking with it in their hand when its their turn...its okay if its a bowl and tehyre holding it, but not a joint...
  9. l-foote

    l-foote L not i.

    ay. doing the hold and talk is the worst.
    i usually just say "it's a joint, not the talking stick, ya gonna pass that anytime soon?"

    i don't let it bother me too much, it's just marijuana. and i'm not gonna have a huge fit because someone takes too long.
  10. MountainMike

    MountainMike Member

    it seems as though t would be an annoyance if it is happeneing more than once...

    quite frankly jokerman, your argument dosent seem valid... the "kid" didnt announce the rules just because he felt like it. he let it slide the first time and made an attempt to teach smoking etiqutte to his friends by announcing the rules.

    i dont see how that is immature in any way. i forget who started the thread, but nice job on handeling the situation in a civilized manner.

    if it is still an occurring problem, you should just casually mention how you are getting tired of people hoggin the j.
  11. SG69

    SG69 Member

    I was the one that started this thing. Since then I haven't really been sharing much pot with the people in question, in fact the girl had the nerves to ask me if I had a blunt the other day. I told her no (because I don't really like blunts) but I really wanted to say "why so you can smoke it all and give me a hit off it?" Thanks to everyone that sided with me on the issue.

    And to the dude that was talking about the bear or whatever, I didn't know anything about that as I don't watch the news ever.
  12. MountainMike

    MountainMike Member

    good for you man. now that i think about it again (after lightin up haha), i know this kid, who i've shared with many times...the problem is, the sharing only goes one way (me to him...) he expects me to smoke him up every time that im around and i just dont work like that... he has never even said thank you to me...

    respect, thankfulness, and peace are the only rules for my circles...

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