friend gave me his bong last night

Discussion in 'Show Your Piece' started by moongazer, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. moongazer

    moongazer Member

    -'cause he quit smoking. isn't it beautiful?


    the pipe was broken, and me and my dad were wondering if we could make a temporary one.
    we put a gum wrapper on ...some kind of bolt, put a hole in the foil, and used the bolt as the pipe. works shockingly well!
    it was great-we decorated it with biker and hippie stickers, too:)

    have any name ideas?

  2. Don Juan

    Don Juan Member

    Looks pretty cool. I like the whole dark green colour of it, gives it that beer bottle look.
  3. CloudFlower

    CloudFlower Member

    sweet score...
  4. ahimsa

    ahimsa Senior Member

    you can buy replacement stems and slides at a head shop for like ten bucks
  5. moongazer

    moongazer Member

    yeah, i know. but until then our little invention actually works!
  6. stratface

    stratface Member

    it looks like a "1990's revolution" to me.

    also, what does it say on it?
  7. moongazer

    moongazer Member

    i think the sticker says "burn"...part of it was scratched off (it was on before i got it).lol. my dad put new stickers over it- a few biker/Harley ones, and i put a peace sign on it.

    and that a name idea?
  8. MountainMike

    MountainMike Member

    thats pretty cool that your dad and you worked on making a new stem. mustve been a bonding experience
  9. nice... i dont mind acrylic bongs.. they hit just as well as glass... looks like my "1ft red rocket"
  10. autophobe2e

    autophobe2e Senior Member

    jack the ripper
  11. moongazer

    moongazer Member

    that red one is amazing! :D

    lol i like Jack The Ripper...i think i got a name now!!!


    ha, and yeah, me and my dad had a fun time looking for ANYTHING to make the stem. he was like "YEAH! Got it!"
  12. autophobe2e

    autophobe2e Senior Member

    lol ur welcome! im quite pleased with that meself.
  13. PhishheadDeadhead

    PhishheadDeadhead Senior Member

    i was about to say you toke with your dad? thats cool

    but then i pictured myself smoking weed with my dad and it seems like the most awkward shit ever.

    your dads prolly chill though
  14. moongazer

    moongazer Member

    haha- autophobe, no one likes a gloater. lol just kidding. it was a good suggestion, man!

    ^ my dad's super cool like that. seriously, he texts me while im at school like "dude! i just got high in my truck at work!" LMAO. it was WEIRD at first because i had to act like it was my 1st time. ;)
    now, man....he's the beststoner buddy. HE INVITES MY FRIENDS OVER FOR SLEEPOVERS SO WE CAN ALL friends love him;)
  15. autophobe2e

    autophobe2e Senior Member

    sweet as, wish my dad was like that....
  16. smoking with your dad is definitley dad sells cars so he doesnt come off as the "stoner" type..both my parents know ive been smoking for quite awhile..and i smoked with my dad finally like a year ago and i have like 5 time since then. its kind of a rare occasion when i do smoke with him but i enjoy it very much when we burn one together!! i brought back some VERY good Sour Diesel from a show about a month ago..and i packed up a little bowl and invited him to the garage..i was like "alright, just to warn you..this is real good bud"..we smoked the bowl and smoked a ciggy then ileft for like 45 minutes..i came back and he was out back smoking another cig and right when i get out..he starts laughing and just goes MAN! you were RIGHT! that is REALLLY GOOD WEED! i just started bustin out laughing cuz his facial expression was priceless. he was baked, gah i love mary jane :)
  17. acrilics suck!!! you dont know what your missing glass is the cleanest way to go
  18. stratface

    stratface Member

    yes, that is a name idea.
  19. stratface

    stratface Member

    ^and patricio, chill out, no need to rag on someone's score. it's a matter of preference.
  20. ganjabomber

    ganjabomber Senior Member

    01*20 2009? i dont get it

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