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    At there is a free course on meditation methods. It is a series of emails that get sent to you automatically.

    Each week's email teaches a new technique, so you accumulate a variety of tools that are useful in different circumstances. The course particularly addresses the many different problems that often come up for beginning meditators, and antidotes for them.

    The course aims to be simple, clear, friendly, and practical.

    There is a FAQ (answers to frequently asked questions) at

    The course was produced as a public service by a Buddhist charity (Aro Gar). The methods taught are Buddhist, but can be useful to anyone. They are simply tools for understanding your mind. There are only rare references to Buddhism in the course.

    The same group produces a variety of other meditation resources, including mp3s, illustrations of meditation postures, books, classes, and so forth; see .

    I hope you find this useful!

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