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Discussion in 'Events and Festivals' started by drumminmama, May 18, 2004.

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    05/29/04 *THE BOULDER CREEK FESTIVAL* May 29
    Saturday May 29.
    in the band shell at Broadway and Canyon
    Downtown Boulder on the banks of Boulder Creek
    Kan'Nal plays from 8:30 to 10:00

    expect lots of FIRE DANCING for this one.

    (the event is all weekend)
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    I might check that out if I don't forget about it by then. I'm kinda strapped for cash so free is definitely good. My friend from back home is in town for the summer and we definitely wanna get out alot while she's here. Could you tell me more about Kan'Nal? thank you
    is this hooperchick by chance?

  3. ImmortalDissident

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    Free? Did I see free?
  4. drumminmama

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    Yes. Free. Kan'nal really needs a good turnout from spiritual folks.
    Kan'Nal is a group that is non-profit stauts (how many bands do THAT) and sometimes bills as Kan'Nal Theatre.
    Guatemalan/ North American band with guitar, drums/percussion (including a djembe with a kick pedal), didjereedoo, bass guitar and a vocalist who has some hand percussion and rhythm guitar duties.
    Also a pack of women led by Teracita, who belly dance/sword dance/ interpretive dance/ etc.
    Two new songs are on the Web site. Check 'em out

    I was at their Fox show a week ago Friday and I LOATHE the Fox as a venue.
    I've had to dance in sewage at a Yonder show... fix the damn place!
    It was, quite simply the best energy show I have seen in more than a year.
    The majority of the crowd was tuned in and giving back energy to the show, whih cranks Tzol up higher (a good thing) and the circular energy was on par with late 90s Cheese.
    Tzol has a lot to say and he is a powerful vocalist. He KNOWS what he's doing and it is ALL about the Spirit.
    The show was a "soul orgasm."
    outside,we can expect fire dancers!
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    Yeah yeah, check this out Colorado people if you want a great time and a reall really hot band on the rise. These guys pack a great vibe and some very great music. Mystic 90's Cheese mixed with good Mayner Tool pulsating waves of sound. I've seen these boys a few times and I seriously recomend seeing this show, especially if it's free and outside.

    Unfortunately I won't be able to make it as I'm currently on the East Coast. But I know my best friend and a bunch of my kids down in Colorado are gonna be there. It's gonna be their graduation party baybee!! CHECK THIS OUT!!!

    Peace, In Lak'ech:)

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