Discussion in 'Poetry' started by roly, Jan 28, 2005.

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    my feeling a week ago.....

    Fragments of feeling

    Smashed; the fragments lie,
    Distanced; my security,
    Shards; glimmering, my memories shine
    Broken; mind sent into dissaray,
    Nothing to live for but one constant,
    I rest in your arms tonight.
  2. Lozi

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    the feel i get from this poem is of an empty room with splinters and shards of glass perhaps in a big warehouse. it feels big but with bits everywhere. and then perhaps you in a figures embrace in a corner of the warehouse in a comfy armchair that has a red cover on it...thats the iamge i had when i read this.

    i like the way you structured it, roly. nice one. hope your birthday was good hun.

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