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Discussion in 'Politics' started by scratcho, Jun 25, 2020.

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    I work hard at it. Have a good night.
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    I'm not buying that you don't give a damn. You probably wouldn't have said anything if you were truly indifferent.
    I've tried debating on HF before, but I'm skeptical that there's much of a point to it. I'll probably not persuade anyone, and just get into a 100 post argument with someone.

    So now I'm just trying to understand rather than persuade. I'd like to know if any sense of reciprocity exists in the age of polarization.
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    I'm certainly not indifferent. But when you phrase it in terms of being offended, it puts the focus on my personal, subjective likes and dislikes instead of objective reasons for finding his views wrong and damaging to society and he, himself, to be a wrongdoer who makes a living spreading racist, sexist, and homophobic propaganda. Does this mean I think all social conservatives are bad people? Not at all. Just misguided, depending on what you mean by social conservative. But in Carlson's case, I think it's more than that. He knows what he's doing. (Some people would consider me to be a social conservative--a church-going Christian in a traditional marriage with four kids.)

    Now you have my attention! I was just asking myself the same question earlier this evening. There are certainly excesses on the left as well as the right, but I'm more concerned with the former because I think Trump presents a clear and present danger to the republic and the rule of law. Many people have such deeply entrenched positions that getting through to them is futile. I think I listen to the other side, and if I heard a convincing, good faith argument, I'd be open to persuasion on the merits. The ones I've been hearing lately don't fall into that category. I'd encourage you to give it a try and see how it goes.
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    Neil Cavuto speaks against working people all the time. He has a history of ridiculing working folks. He's a snobby piece of shit just like the rest of Rupert Murdoch's den of liars, corrupt deceivers, and soul-less puppets.

    How'd you like to be a fly on the wall when they meet their Maker, and God makes them confess with their own mouths all the lies and deception they've willfully spewed forth all their miserable lives??? All the lies and distortions that led people to take wrong paths and make wrong choices when voting for government officials who were purposely out to take advantage of the people - and cater to the rich???
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    I'm old enough to remember when if a disease broke out, and the medical experts advised staying away from other people so as not to infect them, or getting a vaccine to protect against a particular disease, people acted like adults. They didn't fly into foaming-at-the-mouth rants about their Constitutional rights being stripped from them. They trusted the medical experts to know the correct path. Consequently, diseases like polio, rubella, mumps, smallpox, measles, and others were tamed and controlled or eliminated. The results were GOOD. No temper tantrums like we see today.

    But in the last couple decades, there has been a delusional, misinformed push to doubt the medical community at every turn. This corona virus outbreak is the first time in my lifetime where a disease has been politicized - by Rump, and the REPUBLICAN PARTY. Rump claimed in the very beginning that it was a hoax ( one more on his list of many hoaxes) created by the Democrats to make him look bad. Well ………….. any thinking person might ask - (1) "How did the entire global population all side together against Rump? Are they ALL Democrats?? (2) Why would the rest of the world give a shit about Rump or how he was perceived at home in the U.S.?? and (3) If it was all a made-up hoax, why are millions of people all around the world also infected and dying?? Can anyone out there SEE?? Or THINK???

    But because Rump was the REPUBLICAN PARTY'S leader, they all lined up behind Rump and made the same absurd claims. They couldn't allow "their guy" to look bad, so they all blindly jumped on the Rump bandwagon. And Fox, being owned by ultra-conservative Rupert Murdoch - who owns the souls of his employees - had to fly to the defense of Rump, or risk looking foolish like they did trying to defend Richard Nixon in the cesspool of HIS own making. So Hannity and the rest of the Murdoch puppets made the same claims of Democratic hoax, it's nothing to worry about, go on about your lives, etc. - until the shit (corona virus) didn't just hit the fan ……………… it covered and clogged it. Hospital ICU's were filled and PPE ran out for front line doctors & nurses, EMT's, paramedics. Ventilators were in very short supply. Rump disbanded the Obama-initiated pandemic preparedness agency not long after he was in office ……… which proved to be a HUGE mistake. Rump claimed that Obama left him with "an empty cupboard" when it came to the pandemic - but that's an out-and-out lie. Obama started that agency with the idea that if a serious epidemic or pandemic surfaced, we'd be more prepared to handle the immediate needs. Rump disbanded that agency - it's a FACT. If anyone chooses not to believe a fact - that error / mistake ……… is on them. It doesn't negate the FACT - or render it null and void. You choose not to believe it. If you chose to believe the sky is actually green and not blue - that's your choice. It doesn't change the FACT that the sky is blue. Rump was caught in soooo many lies by fact-checkers ….. but Fox kept right on backing him.

    Fox backed everything that Rump spewed, and when the evidence about the corona virus became apparent to the whole planet, they (Fox) began to weaken their defense of Rump and started asking questions. They started to make comments like, "Well ………. everyone needs to take responsibility for their own protection & make their own choices." Gone were the bombastic verbal bullying outbursts for wearing masks, social distancing, sanitizing. The arguments about wearing masks went from medical reasons - to questions about stripping people of their Constitutional rights. Common sense protection against a brand new, unknown virus - with no treatment and no vaccine - was undermined by political commentary about folks losing their Constitutional rights. The REPUBLICAN PARTY knew the right buttons to push to get people into a rage about their rights - when those rights were ACTUALLY never in question or in danger. It's the same desired reaction as going up to a stranger and calling their mother or daughter a whore …………….. instant rage. REPUBLICAN operatives know this about some people ……….. so they push those buttons to get the effect they want - which is to hate Democrats - even if those Dems are doing good, beneficial things for the whole population ( like Obama's pandemic preparedness agency ). The pandemic preparedness safety benefit would have protected everyday Republicans too - but they cheered for Rump when he disbanded the agency.

    Now ……….. with Covid-19 cases rising sharply - mainly in the states that refused to follow the medical experts' advice - it's hard for anyone to defend Rump's stance on Covid-19. Rump's claim that "if we stop testing, we'll have less numbers of cases ………………… boggles the mind of anyone with a mind. To those in denial, I would say this ………….. if your house catches fire - head out to the street and claim there's no fire. Don NOT call the fire dept. - just observe it burning. Follow Rump's example ………….. if you deny the fire …………… there isn't a fire. And as your neighbors' houses catch fire from your burning house …………. continue to deny and claim there is no fire.

    There are many deaths on Rump's hands for his denial of the seriousness of the outbreak when it started, and his continued denial of the real numbers, or it's recent spikes. Fox is a party to all Rump's lies.
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    The fact that Rump won't agree to be interviewed or questioned on any network but Fox is exactly like Putin being interviewed by state-run TV over in Russia. Or Xi - or Kim. No tough questions, no questioning of his tactics or political moves, no asking embarrassing questions ……………….. only praise and adulation from a puppet-like, subservient, ass-kissing network. Putin, Xi, and Kim expect - DEMAND - no opposition of ANY kind, so they can control the narrative and what information gets out to the people. No negative press = " I'm great. I'm wonderful !! "

    This is why Rump chooses to only talk to his puppets. He is just like Putin, Xi Jinping, and Kim Jung Un in this regard - control the information totally. Avoid all questioning of any importance or substance.

    "Many people say I'm doing a fantastic job. Many people say this."
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    You ever notice it is only the Republican Trump supporter who talk about them? They only showed up after Trump got into office. I have never met a Liberal who has met of of them. I just bet they were made up by Project Veritas so the Trump followers have something to point at.
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    Who decides what Pro-America is?
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    Project Veritas: They set things up and then start to film it ... all to make Trump look good.
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    I can see why many on the left are silent about them. Or come up with a bogus conspiracy theory about them being agents from project veritas. LOL. Many realize their hypocrisy and violent tactics are detrimental to left wing causes. It’s the same reason why so few of you are posting in my thread about the CHAZ in Seattle called “Antifastan”
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    America is defined by our Constitution and our democracy, so anti-America is anti-Constitution and anti-democracy. "Pro-America" means defending those things.
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    I heard it from you not from other Liberals. Most of these catchy labels are designed by the Neo-cons to stigmatize Liberals. Liberals wouldn't call their space Antifastan. I remember when that right wing nut job Michael Savage used to call Muslim countries "Turdestan" to entertain his racist audience.
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    But I often see the Republicans doing and supporting anti-constitutional things, like supporting Christian Extremism. I often hear them say, "This is a White Christian Nation" and the Founding Fathers designed it so. Blacks and Indians are designated none citizens and without rights. In fact, that Constitution says only Congress can deal with the Indian Tribes/nations. That Constitution says a Negro is only 3/5 human for the purposes of voting and census. Now the Republicans want the Negro to be counted that way so Trump would get re-elected. Then you've got them Muslims. Trump has set up a total ban on Muslims entering the country: What a Democracy!
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    False flag operations and agents provocateurs are almost as old as politics. In the alleged attack on Carlson's castle, no demonstrators were caught--only writings and graffiti to identify them as Antifa. Project Veritas is fully capable of staging it, as is Tucker Carlson to make himself a martyr on the right. Or it could be Barr, acting on behalf of Trump who wants to label Antifa a domestic terrorist organization, even though there is no legal basis for doing so and Antifa isn't an organization. Like George Soros, Antifa has become a label for designating anything right wing extremists consider threatening. According to Professor Vysotsky of the University of Wisconsin, Antifa is a loose aggregation of individuals and groups who share an opposition to fascism.
    Trump blames antifa for violence. But is it a terrorist organization?
    What – or who – is antifa?
    Like Storm, I only hear about Antifa from right wing propaganda, mostly yours. Given the fact that life is short, and I have many things to accomplish before I go, like spending time with my wife and kids and redoing my sock drawer, I'm afraid commenting on your thread about the CHAZ in Seattle isn't high priority for me.
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    I disagree. If America is defined by outdated thinking, then it doesn't say much about America. There are many democratic governments on earth, therefore many countries can be identified by their form of democracy. It's like a belief in god(s). Who gets to decide which god is the best one?
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    I wonder when you guys are gonna cancel 4th of July because “it’s racist”
  18. 6-eyed shaman

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    “No true leftist would _____”
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    I know what you are saying there Flag. I have always favored the God of the guitar, Jimi Hendrix, even though he was Black ... just think ... a Black God, huh?
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    I'll let you know.
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