Four blunts

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by THE_BIRDMAN, Jun 6, 2004.


    THE_BIRDMAN Member

    <!--StartFragment-->Collided with the killers
    Or the rydah with the rilla
    But you sided with them fake
    Now you gotta meet your fate
    Out of state where the cakes cost 23 G'z
    I went back to the past with three
    Caught funk
    Yeah, we smoked 2 like a loon
    Turn the music up loud
    Better cover the boom
    Go discover the room
    Go explore the flames
    I was more than doomed
    It was more than pain
    It was rain
    Sunshine, one bullet, one nine
    One mother fucka, you done mother fucka
    Another mother gotta suffer a loss
    It was nothin'
    Dawg it was nothin' to a boss
    I was lost
    This time last year paid the cost
    For a once and a 2nd strike
    Four blunts, one second to strike
    Got a kite from fang
    Said light the flame

    THE_BIRDMAN Member

    this poem i wrote is live as hell/u know gangsta shit

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