Found something that really enances the effects of oxy!

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by chakkname, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. chakkname

    chakkname Member

    Now I have found out that oxycodone and alcohol does not mix well but you what does that you can buy over the counter? Valerian root! Seriously I take my oxy's,percocets and .5mg of xanax then I drink Sleepytime tea with valerian root and I'm good. Makes for a nice sleep and has overall improved my pain. It says on the package that it may not mix with some traquilizers or other meds but I find that it does just the trick(as I take a sip) for me. Anyone else find that this helps them ?
  2. TooCrisp

    TooCrisp Member

    So, let me get this straight. You take your oxy's, your percocets, your xanax.....and its your tea with valerian root that does the trick? Right....whatever makes you feel good about your drug use!
  3. GAHeroinHead

    GAHeroinHead Member

    lol sure its the benzo/opiate combo that's hittin you...after i smoke rox my ginseng tea boosts my tweek hahahah. seriously though be careful with that combo..but what do i know im a ez. -J
  4. acga5

    acga5 Senior Member

    drink alcohol first, snort the oxy, smoke weed, and smoke a cigarette on the peak of your high :)
  5. GAHeroinHead

    GAHeroinHead Member

    now that sounds like my kinda night. perfect timeline!
  6. hahah, chak says in the original post that he tried alcohol (and presumably other enhancers like weed etc) to help enhance the function of his oxys. then he said that what works is valerian root..

    then everyone posts that he should drink/smoke.

    sometimes I wonder if anyone on here actually READS other people's posts or just pretends, and goes on posting whatever they feel like posting.

    so first off, Chak, I think the reason the valerian root is potentiating your oxy high is that valerian root is indicated for anxiety relief, like st. johns wort and other herbal remedies. essentially, valerian root (according to many studies) acts like a natural benzo. so if you are taking xanax and oxy/percs plus some valerian root, you are doubling the calming effects.

    A suggestion for you: if valerian works for you, try kava root, or some distilled preparation of kava (i buy mine from which has powdered root and a wide range of tasty preparations)

    let me know what you think if you try (or have tried) it... I'll be trying sleepytime tea tonight; I have a box in my cupboard ready to go.

  7. GAHeroinHead

    GAHeroinHead Member

    of course we read the other posts haha..but honestly do you think the sleepy time tea is overpowering the bezo/opiate not tryin to be a dick i just state the obvious. i drink celestial seasonings sleepytime tea...with a lil honey and a back rub from my lady friend...ahh makes me smile thinkin bout it...anyone else have a night time ritual like me? Nothin beats the compfort of your lover...
  8. chakkname

    chakkname Member

    I took all of these things before with average reaction I was simply stating that the tea really boosts it. I'm not saying the othwer shit isn't the main reason just saying I can get away with using less by doing this method. A guy tries to share little theings that work for him and people have to take a stab at him.

    ESRUOS ENO Senior Member

    i dont get it... whats so funny... the xanax or the sleepytime tea... ?
  10. GAHeroinHead

    GAHeroinHead Member

    the tea haha...damn dude dont be so soft we're just fukin with ya..sheesh...
  11. Dude1266

    Dude1266 Member

    Try taking 1-2 benydryl (diphenhydramine i believe) before doing opiates. It definately potentiates the high by a good amount. The nod effect comes on with 2/3 the opiates normally required.
  12. chakkname

    chakkname Member

    Yeah I was just trying to help out because the less that you take for whatever the reason that you take this if it be medical or recreational the better in the long run. I guess some folks though I was saying that the tea was the major contributor and I was just saying that it helps nothing more

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