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Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by Duncan, Jul 1, 2006.

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    I have looked through the page and am totally confused about the differences between an intentional community and a commune. I understand that some places require "tenants?" to do chores (cleaning, maintenance, shopping), fees for living are established and communal dinners take place. What are the major differences though?
    In about a year I will have a small bungalow all to myself. It's in crappy shape and it still has a substantial mortgage on it. I dream of moving on and around and having it sustain itself with responsible responsible responsible hippies. Like that, huh?
    Am I being realistic? Is this valid? Is this possible?
  2. Sure it is. As my correspondence with you mentioned, I'm going to BC to investigate the possibility of relocating. I just paid my house off, and have 3 other rentals, one of which will be sold within the year, so I anticipate having quite a bit of freedom to do things. I like the idea of an intentional community, such as the Farm, which isn't far from me (relatively).

    Responsible people only, of course. 8>)
  3. I think real 60s and 70s communes have just changed their names to intentional communities, eco villages, sustainable communities
    thats all just trying to be hip and change with the times.
  4. I dunno about trying to be hip, but it certainly reflects changing with the times. An intentional community doesn't carry the same connotations as a commune, for better or worse. Eco-village oft brings to mind (for me) images of a Hippie theme-park type place.

    Just my thoughts.

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