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    If you're looking to learn all of the edible wild growing foods you can find in UK, I'll tell you how I did it.


    -Starter: 1) Food for Free (small version by collins gem)
    -Next Level: 2) River Cottage: Hedgerow
    -Ultimate foraging bible: 3) Food for Free - 40th anniversary edition (has elderberries on the cover)

    -To expand your knowledge of these plants and what uses they have, go to PFAF database website (plants for a future) where you can search thousands of plants. This site is everything you will ever need as an additional and reliable reference.
    -Be sure to research poisonous plants and the species that it can be mistaken with.


    -To learn about edible wild growing fungi you can try these books: "Collins gem: Mushrooms" and "Mushrooms and toadstools of Britain and Northern Europe"
    -It is VERY WISE to learn all of the poisonous fungi first, along with what mushrooms they can be mistaken with.
    -Some good sites for reference are,,
    -Never pick mushrooms unless you are 100% sure what it is.
    -In fungi books, read the sections about identification (smell, shape ect). -Only pick mushrooms for food after you have researched advanced mycology books and are able to identify fungi from every characteristic.
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    Thank you..... There are MANY THINGS provided IN NATURE that are actually BETTER than anything man made! (The earth had to provide for 100s of years ago before anything else was made)

    BIG PHARMA does not want anyone knowing this of course..... THEY WANT EVERYONE GOING TO THEM FOR HELP!!! ($$$$$$$)

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