Folk Festival in Pennsylvania

Discussion in 'Events and Festivals' started by dylanzeppelin, May 11, 2004.

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    Fence jumpers get no respect from anyone and are usually tossed out by old time fest goers. I am a voulnteer, this will be my 4th fest and I love it!!!! I am on the Purchase and Supply committee. I have yet to experience any bullshit, but it's usually the assholes that have NO idea what fest is about that cause all the problems.

    I am going to be going to the Folk Festival Society's "Spring Thing" that is held at Camp Nocka-A-Mixon in Kintersville,Pa. It's a really good's like fest before the paying campers show up. There will be a couple of hundred people there, I'm expecting a good time. It's held over Memorial Day weekend, 28, 29, 30.
  2. That sounds cool. My memorial weekend plans are deep house cleaning. I've spent too much time away from home lately. Just got back from sunshine daydream. Lots of good times. Had to sleep in the van due to rain, and the show on friday was lame without electricity, but they got it together for saturday night.

    I'll most likely be working in the camp office. also hanging out camping down at Diver's. Our camp will be the one with too many mardi gras beads.

    Really looking forward to this fest, it is the great way to end the summer!
  3. Never been to any Philly Folk Fest, but has anyone ever been to Pennsic?? It's every August in Western Pa (over on my end) and it's awsome. It's acctually a medeival (sp?) reanactment (sp???). Some wierdos, but overall it's great. Two weeks of camping, partying, and meeting unique people from all over the world. Deffinately worthwile. I hope to never miss one
  4. I'm from the Pittsburgh area, about an hour north. it's 'bout time for me to travel some tho.
  5. MichaelByrd1967

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    It's really funny that it's right in my area...

    Is it a free concert?
  6. Its free if you volunteer
  7. Spelunker

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    Yaa I went to Pennsic this year... lotsa fun!
  8. balko

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    I live in Lancaster, but my parents are from Johnstown so we go to that one.

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