Fluoridate our drinking water?

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Bilby, Sep 21, 2013.

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    The NSW state government is pressuring local government to fluoridate drinking water supplies.


    The question of the therapeutic benefits of fluoridation of drinking water is certainly controversial. We all make up our own minds to what is true. Some years ago I read about this new radical idea that we should all take responsibility for our own health. This is taking personal responsibility to a new level. As a matter of civil liberties why not let those who want fluoride in their drinking water buy fluoride tablets to dissolve in their drinking water. As so many people have rain water tanks here will never be a total fluoridation of drinking water.
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  3. derflapin

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    its the best thing anyone ever made mandatory, and if any local government still does not enforce it, then they are irresponsible, and should be assholed from power and locked away.
  4. aussiehippydude

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    What the? Are you for real???
    This is a poison, no government should ever mass medicate the people. They have no idea of the effect! Damn right wrong.
    This is not safe to even be burried! Hence our wonderful gov done a deal to buy it from os and get rid of it in our drinking water!
    Hitler style if you ask me! They know it stops brain development and stop people thinking to much... Exactly what they want, more control and a silent audience.

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