Floyd Cramer's, 'Last Date'

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    I've always loved that piano version and never knew that there were lyrics to it. I was watching an old Ray Stevens show the other day and he played while a quartet sang the song.

    And, interestingly, the lyrics were very close to what I had imagined the song to be.

    It`s over our love affair
    Too late now I find I care
    His sweet love no more I`ll share
    Now he's gone, I`m alone
    I was wrong, should have known
    Took me home on our last date

    I search for a single way
    To tell him what I had to say
    I kissed him, watched him walk away
    Set him free foolishly, destiny, misery
    Tragedy on our last date

    Took the ring from my trembling fingers
    Brushed a tear from my baby`s eye
    Walked away, didn't know
    That I`d soon miss him so
    Guess I was too young to realize

    So blind I couldn`t see
    How much he really meant to me
    And that soon he would always be
    On my mind, in my heart, I was blind from the start
    Lost his love on our last date


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