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Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing Techniques' started by Peace_love_equality, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. I have these seeds and i want to plant them, but keep them small, could i just force flowering right after germination or when the plant is a few centemeters high? I want to do this so i can keep it small enough to keep in my closet.
  2. azezal

    azezal Member

    If you know genetics sure you can. Otherwise if you want low plants go for lowryder.
  3. BudBill

    BudBill Dark Helmet

    I wouldn't bother flowering until 4 good nodes show. Save the seeds read your books and plan a lil. A closet grow can reward you well if done correctly.
  4. M4N14C42O

    M4N14C42O Cannabis Connoisseur

    I've done this a few times with mixed results.....i threw em into 12/12 1 week after they sprouted. One grew just as tall as it would if you would've vegged as normal, another finished at around 22in. The rest finished at around 24-30in........took 2-3 weeks for pre-flowers. I would say the potency was the same, some yielded just alittle under the normal amount for the strain i was using and some noticeably dropped in yield. All were started in dixie cups and transplanted into 2gal containers 1 week after switching to 12/12(2 weeks after sprouting). I would say go for it, as the potency wasn't affected but if your looking for a better yield then i would say its definately worth it to give em atleast 1 month after sprouting before introducing them to 12/12, yield will be normal........plus you can always train them to keep them at pretty much any height you want....just depends how much work ya want to do ;)
  5. ninfan77

    ninfan77 Member

    As long as your strain is sativa dominant, you could go 12/12 right away.
  6. M4N14C42O

    M4N14C42O Cannabis Connoisseur

    I've done it with sativa and indica dom. strains and the only thing wrong was the yield wasn't there. I would say from experience that you can do it with pretty much any strain.
  7. T.H. Cammo

    T.H. Cammo Member

    The plant will not start producing buds untill it is mature enough, regardless of a 12/12 light schedual. The time from sprouting to "maturity" varies from strain to strain, but most strains are ready after about the fourth week of vegging @ 18/6 or 20/4 hours of "blue" light (for compact height). That is why the "Rule of Thumb" is to veg for 4 weeks - most strains are ready to flower and still small enough for the lights to penetrate and be effective.

    If you force flower from the get-go, using "red" lights and 12/12, your plants will stretch more and end up being just about as tall - but lanky, not full, with a much smaller yield.
    If you do a proper veg cyle (at least 18/6 hours of "blue" light) for at least 3-4 weeks, the plants may be a bit taller (maybe not); but it will certainly be fuller and more robust. And like M4N said, the difference in yield is remarkable.
    The difference in time saved is only about a week or so (depending on strain), the difference in height may be negligable, but the difference in yield may be 30-50%.
  8. mobitsfa

    mobitsfa Member

    I've flowered right away before. I did see signs of sex within the first 3 weeks.

    Pretty much a little shorter plant, with less nodes = less buds. The whole plant stretched and was weaker.
  9. cheeky1

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    why not veg them for a while and bend them to conform to your space or veg them and prune the height off to encourge side branching with either method you will get more and better bud because the plants will be bigger and more mature
    Best of luck
  10. ya man, that's what im gonna do, thnx.

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