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Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by Pronoid Central, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Howdy Folks...

    Don't head for Home in Florida without visiting www.floridagathering.info.

    Lovin' you all and see you at Home!

  2. fee

    fee Member

    thank you

    I cant wait to go home

    I will be thier
  3. jelloman23

    jelloman23 Member

    Cool, Thanks
  4. kozmikbunny

    kozmikbunny Member

    im gonna be down there a little earlier, like a couple weeks earlier, where would someone suggest i go to.. directions would be nice, i tried to look for some in here, then i became lazy, hahah thanks..
  5. mingodrake

    mingodrake Member

    This message is an answer to cosmicbunnies question.....

    if you dont have exact directions by the time you get to Ocala you can usually ask at the forrest visitor center . Last year they had a map put out with the gathering site circled in green highlighter to warn hikers and campers that there was " an event" going on in the woods. How the ladys in the welcome center or whatever the hell it is respond to you when you go in there depends on your attitude . They were super cool to us . There should be hippies in the woods by the time you get there if not already. My lil group of misfit zuu-zuu loving capachino brewing freaks will be there probably on the weekend before the 14th.....not sure for how long...but come by for some coffee and zuu-zuus.

    oh, yeah if you think youll be hitching through Alabama email me..you'll pass right by .
  6. jelloman23

    jelloman23 Member

    Ill have to check you cats out. I love a good cup of coffee . I ll bring my guitar and jam you guys out.
  7. mingodrake

    mingodrake Member

    When you plan to be down? a couple of us play a lil bit..we'll jam some..love the blues myself.....hey I also need a few musical types for my wedding.. my ol lady and I are renewing our. vows in the woods the weekend before valintines day ( trying to get a better deal this time..j/k)any drummer or flute types wanna play for a pagan wedding?

    anyone who wants to visit jus look for the campachino-zuu-zuu sign and a few odd lights in the woods.

  8. jelloman23

    jelloman23 Member

    I am leaving about the 10th i think. Should be there by the 12th. I would love to play at your wedding. I played at 2 last year and they were very nice. Any requests? I can play just about any style and love blues

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