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Discussion in 'The Psychedelic Experience' started by DeadheadHippieForPea, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. i wasent sure where i should post this so i figured i would here. anyway i did both acid and shrooms for the first time at gathering of the vibes last weekend. it was awsome except i freaked out alittle on the mushrooms because i ate a little too much. i eventually settled down and had a good trip. my only issue is when i smoke weed i get wicked flashbacks that remind me when i was freakin on shrooms. i have only been back from the festival for like a week and only have smoked a few times. last night i smoked and also had crazy flashbacks. im just thinking that its all in my mind...but does it happen to any of you guys...and also how long does this last...peace
  2. Weatherman

    Weatherman Member

    What do mean by flashback? Do you mean something like a psychotic episode? If it's just little visuals, that's totally cool, I get that all the time after when I get high now, it's like a gift. Chances are you're not going crazy, maybe you just need to give yourself some time to integrate the experience that didn't go well.
  3. gnrm23

    gnrm23 Senior Member

    you may be able to help 'em fade out if you start popping 250 mg niacinamide with every meal...
  4. its not psychotic or anything..lol i just feel like im tripping some when i get stoned...i have had a floaty feeling this whole week too but i think thats just the combo of last crazy weekend of trippin and being sick...i think it will all fade but i just thought it was interesting...peace
  5. Weatherman

    Weatherman Member

    I feel like I'm tripping when I'm stoned alot too. I like it though, it's a cool extra high.
  6. it definatly makes smoking weed alot more interesting..:)
  7. tumbledownDNA

    tumbledownDNA Member

    shit man thats the gift psychs leave you, they let you into that space easier. i mean, in all reality weed is a type of psychedelic. do u remember the first time u got really blazed? its totally different than when ur a consistent smoker. i remember getting strobe/frame vision and feeling everything went in slow motion, really tripped out. enjoy it man! and like you said, it is all in your head cuz thats all anything really is.
  8. MushieBaby

    MushieBaby Member

    yup.. i agree... it is a gift
  9. PurpleGel

    PurpleGel Senior Member

    this has nothing to do with flashbacks. they're right in that you're being eased into the psychedelic state now with only pot. this happens to many of us, including myself.

    i think it is from changes made to the brain by using psychedelics. i've noticed that psychedelics (especially LSD) seem to linger for a long time after having used them. for me it seems permanent, although it gets slightly better if i discontinue use for a year or so.

    anyway, it is somewhat of a gift because smoking pot is a much more intense experience and now provides me with visuals. so yeah, it's fun. but i don't know if you can get rid of it. doing drugs exacerbates the effect.
  10. shantiipyar

    shantiipyar Member

    i havent smoked weed in about a year, and rarely smoked the year before that, and i still get unpleasant flashbacks from time to time. the rest of thetime, i still feellike im trippin but in a mellow good way. so at least for me it aint just something that happenswhen i get high.

    so i would say not to expect it to stop anytime soon. sorry.

    peace love

    shantii pyar
  11. somethingnew

    somethingnew Member

    Yep once you open that door theres no way to close it. My tripping days are over with, so unfortunately that means my weed days are over with as well. If you dont like getting that way every time you smoke you should probably stop tripping.
  12. desert nightmare

    desert nightmare Senior Member

    Yeah i took some acid about a month ago, and every now and then things start to look more geometric and patterny. I can't even name all the times i would look at something like dirt, a tree, or a napkin with mud smeard on it and i would at first observation think i saw a symmetric pattern or shape in them, but when i looked a little closer i would see that is was just a hallucination. I think it's cool as hell, but i can see who if you did too much acid that that might get a little anoying after a while. You'd probably just want to come back to reallity.
  13. by the descriptions it seems like im lucky enough to be like that while smoking without ever haven taken a trip.
  14. Your mind has been expanded, and your pineal gland has been activated....
  15. i hope very hard thats what is happening to me
  16. desert nightmare

    desert nightmare Senior Member

    Yea but i took only nine hits. And i sold some to some old guy thats tripped balls many times since the sixties, and he said it was week. I want to know Why i'm still trippin every now and then?

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    Your not tripping, it's just a thing that happens once you've tried it, Im sure it happens to everyone.

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    I think there is a name for that these days, HPPD ? or something
  19. zeppelin kid

    zeppelin kid Member

    Just make sure to not take a deuce....
  20. *restrains himself*

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