First try with ritalin

Discussion in 'Pharmaceuticals' started by FURBY.R.HOTT, Jun 1, 2006.


    FURBY.R.HOTT Member

    i did my first experimentation with pharm drugs today when i took 60mg of ritalin with my friend at history class ever :p. but im kinda worried, because im still feeling the effects now (6 1/2 hours later) and it seems more intense then it was at the beginning, its like...disasociative now, do you guys know why this is happening or if its supposed to?
  2. Darksanity

    Darksanity Member

    Well I have a lot of experience with Ritalin (Methylphenidate) but never experienced or heard that. Usually when I take high doses of Methylphenidate (80mg+) my mind works full blast for about 1½ hour and then I feel down and totally demotivated for a few hours... For medium doses it's the same but the high is lighter and the down too. Maybe u took Sustained-Release pills... Anyway for Methylphenidate my favorite dosage is 20-30mg snorted for studying. Taking orally is kinda a waste except if you only have Sustained-Release pills (wich you should crush and parachute). Taking high doses of Methylphenidate recreationally is pretty useless and down is too harsh to handle.
  3. Mr.Mush

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    i remember on a saturday night starting at 10 pm, right till about 5am , i railed like 12 or 13 ritalin pills and popped like 4. Needless to say my heart was racing the whole night and all of sunday. I had 2 baseball games on sunday morning too and i did my last 2 lines before my shower lol. fucked up
  4. Peter Popper

    Peter Popper Tripper

    i used to get that. i thought it was psychosis. every word your mum says to you, you think she's sus'ing you out. every movement or action they take, you think its conspiraring against you. i thought i was going to die, because i thought the frekles on my body were a disease called taberclurosis, or some shit...long story. i think using caffeine with amphetamine like stimulants makes any psychosis worse.
  5. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    i think everyone here has simply described a different conscious perspective on their individual experiences and its clear that it effects each person differnetly from these. but i know what the op is talkin about with the dissacociative feeling but i wouldnt call it that. i actually like the comedown off methylphenidate. i dont as much feel like ive crashed as ive enetered a totally different drug (or state - its calm and it makes you very stoned when you smoke weed aha)
  6. RealitaT

    RealitaT Member

    anyone ever think that they may have been time release ?

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