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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by Tedd, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Tedd

    Tedd Member

    Was at music festival all day saturday - went out saturday night. Was on pills most of that time - smoked a bit that morning. Then came 5am when my mate pulled out some acid - holly shit.

    Ate it completely unaware of what to expect. By 6am sun started coming up and colours started to look awesome. My friends dull red hoodie started to look Ferrari red! Felt a lift in mood and buzz considering how long we had been up. Hour or 2 had passed and hadn't really had any visuals yet - felt a bit wired and happy, all round was going good though. We then moved into this private little closed off garden area. It had perfect view of the sky and very interesting view of the side of his house not to mention awesome little garden. Didn't leave there till about 3pm. So it wasn't till i sat down there and got a comfy spot on the grass till i started to notice that the house was moving a bit. So i thought - hmmm looks like we are getting somewhere...i found it was easier if you didn’t "look" for stuff to happen...but if u just look. So anyway...after gazing at the house for a bit and refining my "looking" technique - the house was no longer a house...the whole side was swirling around, eating and regurgitating itself like visual candy. At this point i say to my friends "you know this whole acid thing is awesome" they grunt with approval. Sat there for while more got some cool visuals with the clouds and more stuff around me.

    Wasn't until we started smoking a few joints by 2pm that the visuals started to get better..and holly shit - did they get better! and thats kinda when i started to forget wat happend.

    All in all - i <3 acid.

    Any advice or tips to heighten or better the experience?
  2. 3xi

    3xi Senior Member

    look in the mirror! stare into your own eyes until you change into someone or something else... warning - what you see may be difficult for you to understand. just be open and embrace that which is you.

    i have seen myself as a wolf like creature, a gorgeous woman, satan, and many different aliens as well as others.

    you can also do this with your friends. sit on the floor and stare into one anothers eyes until your friend starts looking like something from star trek.
  3. Tedd

    Tedd Member

    cheers man - sounds great!
  4. katattack

    katattack Member

    do you think that's kind of your subconscious coming out - like what you think of yourself sometimes?
  5. young_deadhead

    young_deadhead I Love Lucy

    smoke alot of weed and trip in different places. When i trip in the same place over and over again i just end up seeing the same old stuff from other trips.
  6. 3xi

    3xi Senior Member

    i think that what people see in them selves is a part of them in some way. past lives maybe, but that doesnt explain the satan thing.

    i am a good person - i am honest, kind and gentle. i am not violent (never have been), i would never do anything that i know might hurt someone. i was not this person at the time i saw satan in the mirror - i was lying to my girlfriend and felt extremely guilty for it - this scared the shit out of me and i took it as a very clear warning. i felt extreme pain in my lower stomach for weeks after i saw myself as satan in the mirror. although at the time i did not see this as a good trip, i look back at it as if it was, because it helped me become a better man. i only saw satan the one time - now a days i see mostly aliens- some that i would consider light beings and others that are more dark, the woman and the wolf man are still around so i see them to. i also see many human looking faces that are not mine. when i look in the mirror i see many faces one after another – sometimes they jump quickly from one to the other and other times they morph more slowly.

    when you look at a friends face you will not see the same things that you do in the mirror. they will be completely different and unique to the individual for the most part. - i see the wolf man in everyone and in most cases i see the opposite sex as well.

    i think it has more to do with past lives then anything else. i believe that my past lives effect this one.

    i believe that it has to be in me in order to see it in me so it must be a part of my subconscious.


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