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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by whitetigressbastet, May 26, 2004.

  1. After spending months of dreaming and thinking about smoking, i have developed an overwhelming curiosity about it. So, tomorrow my boyfriend (who has been smoking for a while now) is going to take me out somewhere tomorrow to smoke with me. however i have started to over think it and am now concerned about all the supposed health risks. so, as people who have experience with smoking, what kinds of side effects and such are there really?
  2. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    There is a possibility of paranoia about getting caught; just don't worry about it.

    Your heart rate will increase, that's normal; you're not having a heart attack.

    There really aren't any other health risks other than your lungs, but that's chronic, heavy use, so don't worry about that. The rest is pure enjoyment though; enjoy your high and make sure no one else is around.

    Oh, also, try to develope a proper inhalation technique; many people don't get high their first time because they don't know how to inhale the smoke properly.
  3. ok, the increased heart rate has me a bit worried. my heart rate has been higher than normal for about a week... how long does the increased heart rate last?

    and about the inhalation, any suggestions?

    and i have no paranoia about getting caught, at least by parents. i'm pretty sure my mother will find out, as mothers seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to things like this.
  4. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    Oh, maybe 10 beats per minute, that's about it; my heartrate at rest is like 100 anyways and I still smoke. It lasts for roughly an hour to 4 hours, nothing that will put you in bad health.

    Well, you really need to develope your own technique, but keep in mind that you should just make like you are taking a big, deep breath, but don't do it quick because you'll hit really hard and I'm pretty sure that you don't smoke ciggies, so you might cough if you do so.

    When you get used to the feeling (if you decide to do it more, that is), you can develope ways of inhaling more and retaining cooler hits and what not; I happen to be able to take larger hits and hold them for a lot longer than when I first smoked.

    Depend on where and when you smoke; if you smoke outside, there are practically no problems with smell but be wary of pigs and narcs. If you smoke inside, which I would suggest for your first time, just grab a can of Glade and give yourself a quick run-down. If you wear contacts or glasses and happen to get all red-eyed, just blame it on glare or irritation. It actually isn't that difficult to cover up, I've smoked several dozens of times inside my own home with my parents home and they have remained ignorant to the event, but they DO[/I} know I smoke occasionally.

    If it comes right down to it, tell them that you were curious about it so you tried it; I'm pretty sure they will understand that much.
  5. bertrose

    bertrose Member


    My worst problem was paranoia, if u are like 2nd guessing smoking, u'll be caught up in a high that will seem like it won't go away. The best advice I can give u is just loosen up and remind urself that no one has died from smoking marijuana. About the "health problems" the only one is lung problems, smoking marijuana has made me feel really good(its a stress reliever, a sore throat reliever, headache medicine, pain killer). Its all around good for you. After a couple times you'll be coughin' up some phlegm, but nothing too serious. When you breath in, breath ALL the way in, and hold your breath for a few seconds. Then, slowly blow the smoke out. It will feel REALLY REALLY weird. Atleast it was weird for me. The taste and the nasty cough you get inhaling your very first time, etc. After a couple minutes, you'll start seeing and moving in slow motion. It won't fell that way when you smoke more and more. I advise you to listen to as much music as you can when you get high. THIS IS A NECESSITY!! Music sounds much much better. I'm still kind of a newbie too, but when you get high the first couple times, you'll understand what its like, and hopefully know what to expect and be more pleasant to you. I don't know how to NOT be paranoid when high, but thats just me, probably the place I get high makes me paranoid...I heard eating when you're high makes you feel better...but I personally never experienced anything I would consider the "munchies". Don't ask my why. I feel HIGHER when I lay in you can try that too. I don't know to sum it up:

    1) Don't worry, your not going to die...Its supposed to feel good.
    2) LIsten to music.
    3) Be Happy
    4) Smoke all you want where you won't be bothered by parents/authority
    5) Just have fun, learn to inhale, and relax, ur high not dying...

  6. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    Oh, and if your a fan of video games, pop in something. I suggest Eternal Ring for PS2, or Grand Theft Auto III/Vice City. If you want to have an insane high, like I usually enjoy, pop in one of the Silent Hill games; nothing encourages adrenaline more than a nice session of Silent Hill 3.

    Oh, and if you do get worried about dying, remind yourself that bud isn't even a narcotic, its a herb.
  7. Velouria

    Velouria Member

    If you run out of stuff to do try watching a really stupid comedy. It will seem really funny no matter how badly made it is. Trust me. And don't forgot to have lots of food around. You will need it.
  8. bertrose

    bertrose Member

    YEAH! its an HERB! so there are medicinal uses to it. People use marijuana for asthma because THC expands the lungs and bronchioles, it also expands the blood vessels so more oxygenated blood gets to the extremities, like the brain and liver or whatnot. It makes u more aware of ur surroundings. It puts more oxygen in the brain, which is why ur more aware. It doesn't release toxins like alcohol does so it doesn't cause brain damage. It relaxes ur nerves and makes u euphoric which is a nausea reliever and a pain killer. Since it expands blood vessels it easily relieves headaches. Being smoked it get in the system much faster. It relieves my sore throat, i don't know why. But if i had to guess it something about the dry mucous membranes. For 2 hours, my throat and mouth and sinuses were dry whil i was high. And since, sore throats are caused by post nasal drip, the dryness of the membranes retained it from being too moist and wet to retain anything irritant on the throat. Thats just a theory. I have been researching the effects of marijuana on the body for some time now, it makes alot of sense if u just use some insight. When u find out about the heart rate beating faster, the blood vessels expanding and the lungs expanding and the breathing rate works slow and deep breathing...u can see why,easily, that everything in ur body is working better with the extra oxygen in ur body. why everything is more clear and ur aware. and why u think up some pretty crazy things when ur high.

    just some thoughts.
  9. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    It's funny that marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance in the US, which means it has no medicinal use and a high potential for abuse; yet 9 states have medicinal marijuana...
  10. marquee

    marquee Member

    chill out. marijuana is not bad for you and the more you worry the less fun it will be. just make sure that when you inhale you get air and smoke because i have some friends that did it for the first time with me and they just couldnt fucking inhale right.
  11. Flav_cool

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    Yo bertrose, that was great info! I saved it. :)
  12. Shaman420

    Shaman420 Herbalist

    Marijuana IS bad for you if smoked, but it is a lot healthier for you than lets say drinking alcohol. If you smoke anything then your lungs are being damaged and its debatable whether marijuana or cigarettes are worse personally I feel cigarettes are worse because approx. 1 ounce of tobacco is in a pack of cigarettes and a lot of people smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, but VERY few people smoke an ounce of weed a day. If you are worried about health issues try smoking out of a water pipe/bubbler or a vaporizer. Both significantly reduce health risks from marijuana. The other alternative is eating it. THC isn't active unless cooked with something fatty i.e. oils, butters, etc. so if you were to eat it you cant just put it on a sandwich or something you have to cook it first.. good ideas for preparing marijuana food include: brownies, gooballs, cookies, rastapasta, etc. Personally I suggest just smoking it in a comfortable environment with your boyfriend someone who you obviously trust and you like being around. You should have a very enjoyable time, a few suggestions include: a bottle of water, maybe visine/perfume if you are worried about getting caught, maybe a little music or some food. Water is the only thing I really like to have when I'm smoking though. Happy smoking, and though pot isn't 100% health risk free, its fairly healthy. I just wouldn't kid myself and say it was good for you.

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