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Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by Deleted member 257242, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. So im taking some shrooms im excited to try them out but what do i expect ive only hade one other psychedelic before and that was 25i which left me in the hospital.

    Basically wanna know what to expect, if it can mess you up permanently? And how much i should do for the first time since my other first time did not go so good. Anything that i should know would help me out.
  2. slappysquirrel

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    first time i did it,, i bought a half oz and ate at least a quarter out of it. thought it was snowing (i was in san fran lol) and saw lots of colors.

    BUT,, i have done them other times. i suggest you try half-a full 8th. the ground will look like water kinda, and things will be more colorful. it will be fun. dont think they can permanately mess you up either. but then again,, i've never seen anyone do a shit-ton of them either. just eat what i suggest. oh and stay away from amanita's too
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    Mushrooms are very safe compared to 25i. You do not have to worry about the hospital. Physically they are not toxic to humans. This is a common misconception, that the trip is because you are poisoning your brain. The discomfort and nausea they cause in some is because the mushroom itself is not easy to digest. It won't kill you but your stomach knows it is not food.

    Like any psychedelic the mental experience could be intense but a hospital is the worst place for a person who is having a bad trip. So if you feel things are out of control remember mushrooms have been used without the trouble of 25i for thousands of years. Many would prefer the mushroom over any RC like that.
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    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    Normally I'd reccommend 2-3.5 grams but a half eighth may be appropriate given your previous 25i trip. Mushrooms can be psychologically difficult as well but they are physically benign sans some nausea possibly. Take them in a calm, familiar enviornment with a trusted sober sitter.
  5. Yeah i was only thinking about doing a grams worth but now im having doubts on the whole thing and i feel like i should wait until college i dont want to rush myself

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