First timer. I know this probably gets asked a lot.

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by James Berlin, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. James Berlin

    James Berlin Member

    Heya guys.

    First post, I know.. I've been reading these boards for a while, but never actually went on to posting.

    Me and a friend, who like to smoke pot and drink some once in a while, heard a lot of praise about LSD from a couple of friends of mine.

    Well, needless to say, we're kinda curious about it all.. and decided to try it. I already found a way to get a hold on some LSD, but we're stuck with a couple of questions, and we would appreciate any answer.

    Well.. the basic question is... how much? For our first time, we'd just like to have a good time, without taking too much (although I heard you can't actually overdose on LSD.. but we're not planning on taking a lot anyway). I heard it usually comes in the form of small pieces of paper that you put on your tongue.. so.. would 1 suffice? or take 2 pieces? Yeah, we don't really know.

    Secondly, we don't really know when/where to take it.. i suppose it's best to try it in the daytime, in a well-known place with positive energy.. but then I heard that outside trips are the best.. so.. well any input would be awesome of course.

    I'd really appreciate an answer :)
  2. Grapefruity

    Grapefruity Sunny Side Up

    I guess one hit will be ok for the first time.

    Hehe outside in the woods is the best in my opinion...taken at like 6pm so you get best of both worlds the beautiful light of sunset and after the peak peaceful darkness.
  3. i think in the mush and lsd subforums we should have a first time faq thread stickied.. maybe i should make one and then anyone that comes on sees it and can ask a new question or scroll and see the already answered ones.
  4. yah or nah?
  5. great idea :)

    oh, and for the original question...just go into the forest and enjoy nature.

    try one hit, don't wanna overdo it your first time
  6. haha crap i went to make a shrooms FAQ, finished it and posted it in the lsd forums instead.. fuck. can someone else make one for the shroomelites?

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