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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by Hip Chi, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Hip Chi

    Hip Chi Member

    I've been considering doing acid for well over a year now almost two. There has never been a drug that I've wanted to try more. (Though very curious about peyote and dmt.)

    I've been waiting and looking for the chance to do it. And now I have the chance to do it. But the question is could I do it? My mental health isn't the best I have a lot of the mental issues not recommended for acid. :(

    But I don't want that to stop me from doing something that I've wanted to do for so long. I guess the question is, do mental health problems always lead to bad things on acid? Or are most of the problems that occur with it caused by inexperience and overuse and abuse?
  2. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    If your mental health isn't the best, don't do it. Problems could arise if you aren't mentally ready.

    If you have an underlying mental issue (and most people don't know of them) acid could bring them out. I really think you should wait until you are in a clear state of mind, and you are mentally ready.
  3. ad10

    ad10 Member

    I had to take a guy to the hospital the other night coz he flipped out after taking some acid. He's done it a bit in the past but u never know when that final string will snap. After talking to his friends we decided that he most likely does have an underlying mental disorder.
    It may not happen this time but u never know when u might snap. Best to play it safe.

    PS. It was not a pretty scene don't let that be you.
  4. goodvibes83

    goodvibes83 Senior Member

    i agree with both of these guys, but what do you mean by mental health problems? in my opinion you need to be a bit more specific...but the fact that you are thinking about it this much is impressive, props dude.
  5. eskimoblueday

    eskimoblueday Member

    I am of the opinion that if a person has considered it, researched it and thought long and hard about it and then come to the conclusion that whatever consequences that arise from LSD are worth the learning experience of taking it, then they are by all means entitled to do it. It's something which is so personal, I try not to encourage or discourage anyone to take the drug - I don't want to influence anyone in any way, because it is their choice to make. Talk to your doctor about it (they are bound by patient confidentiality laws, they can't report you to the police or tell anyone if you don't want them to) for more concise medical advice if you feel you need it. In terms of personal experience, I used to have pretty severe OCD, which I 'grew out of' when I was about 13. I was worried that LSD would bring with it a reoccurance of OCD, but after 8 months of thinking about it I took it and I haven't ever regretted it. I find for me, acid is a very positive, constructive drug - more so than shrooms, even. I hope your answer presents itself to you, but remember you have all the time in the world. If there's any doubt in your mind, don't do it. Good luck!
  6. Hip Chi

    Hip Chi Member

    The thing about it is that my mental health it really hasn't gotten any better or worse since after I started drugs. Pot and Xtc already brought out all the underlying mental issues. And it's not something I could see getting better though obviously worse if acid doesn't go all that well.

    Sorry to hear what happened to your friend. It diffently doesn't sound like something I would want to see happen to me or anyone.

    Mental problems? Bi Polar, Severe Anexity, ADHD, and finally Schizophrenia.
    And thanks, just want to be sure if I'm going to do it.

    Thanks for all that info. I've done shrums several times and never had a bad trip. I've had times during the trip when I was heading in that direction and quickly acted to pull myself out of it. But everyone has told me that acids in a league of it's own and much different then shrums.

    And in saying so I've done a lot of reading into both and they share a lot of similarites but it sounds like acid is much more visual and mind opening. I've always seconed guessed myself before trying a new drug. Though I've never asked for advice before, but acid just seems like a drug that can completely change your perspective on life and possibly yourself. (Which not necessarily would be a bad thing for me.)

    I've always liked opening my mind and eyes and getting a new and higher perspective on things. And possibly damaging my ego and pointless material thoughts. On shrums it always opens my mind and makes me feel better mentally about things and cope with stuff. But it only last for that day, after that it's all done with nothing really changed my perspective on things.

    I just realize that these warnings are there for good reason. So that you don't end up in a stray jacket or a hospital. Though that won't completely stop me. It's something that I'll/I'm put a lot of thought into and won't just rush blindly into.
  7. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    Acid is much, much more manic than shrooms. Shrooms is crazy but in a sedated, "stuck in your head" sort of way. . . . acid is just Reality HD. Your thoughts are 100x more plentiful, come 100x faster, are 100x deeper . . . this can be an utter nightmare to someone with schizophrenia who already has problems with the amount and nature of their thoughts.

    I know someone with similar problems who had a terrific time on shrooms (very relaxed nad in tune with nature) but took 2 hits of weak acid and spent about 12 straight hours crying and trying to escape his head, because it was doing nothing but filling his thoughts with EXTREME paranoiac delusions, severely negative thoughts "ALL YOUR FRIENDS HATE YOU!!!!" and these thoughts had the force of ULTIMATE TRUTH behind them.

    So yeah, I personally may lean towards sticking with our little brown fungal friends :)
  8. Archemetis

    Archemetis Senior Member

    doctors dont know anything about lsd, no more than your average misinformed citezen anyway.

    and as far as mental health "professionals" go....youd have to be fucking crazy to see those guys. lol.
    id stay far away from those fiends and their "expert opinion" if i were you.
  9. ad10

    ad10 Member

    no shit when i took that guy to the hospital i told them he'd taken lsd and the nurse was like "did he inject it or sniff it?" and im like "no it was just on paper".
    So when the cops arived she's like "yeah he's been sniffing LSD tonight and probably some ice or something as well"
    I couldnt believe it, i would have said smething but i was on 4 tabs at the time and tripping very hard lol.
  10. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    You have schizophrenia? Do NOT do acid. Period.

    Also, ad10, what did they do for your friend at the hospital? Don't they give you something like Thorazine or something, and it stops the trip instantly? Did anybody get in trouble? I'd like to hear more in depth on what actually happened.
  11. ad10

    ad10 Member

    They couldnt do anything with him at the hospital we took him to, so they called the cops to take him to a bigger hospital. They just asked sort of what was happening to him and how long he'd been going nuts for.

    When they took him to the other hospital they just sedated him and i got a call from him like 6 hours later from the hospital and he just seemed realy confused about what had happened. No one got in trouble for it or anything they just treated it as an overdose.

    Its funny coz when he was going crazy i dont think he would have called it a bad trip coz he seemed really happy, he just didnt care about anything anylonger. Had no control over himself. He was getting too dangerous to leave at the party, he was throwing his arms about almost hitting people tried to throw a chair at one point and when he started getting a little more violent we took him out of there.

    For about an hour and a half he repeated the same things over and over. We couldnt get any other words out of him. "if thats all there is then I'm happy" "But that is better than that but thats better than that and then thats better then that" and then his body would go into a sort of a fit for a few seconds and then he would start again.
  12. jnorton47

    jnorton47 Cosmic Traveler

    Be very careful with psychedelics. I have never had a problem with LSD or other psychedelics. However, I have friends that were not all that stable. They did not have a good experience with LSD. One thing to remember if you decide to try LSD. If you feel that you may be freaking out. Just remind yourself that it is the drug. My only problem with LSD is that it last way longer than I world like. That is the main reason I stop using it. Trip with someone you trust. Someone who cares about you. It helps. A lot. Don't trip alone. That's a bad idea. I did that once. I will never to that again.
  13. jnorton47

    jnorton47 Cosmic Traveler

    One other thing. Quality is very important. The cleaner the acid the better the trip. A lot of bad trips are because of pore quality acid. Way back in December of 1971 there was this acid called "Christmas sprite" going around Los Angeles. Gawd that was great acid. :p I would have never stoped if I could have gotten a life time supply. <(^o^)>
  14. Desos

    Desos Senior Member

    yea, i hold much disdain for the whole mental health industry. the way i see it is so-called schizophrenics and people with BPD just have a whole lot more going on in their mind than normal people, and sometimes they can't handle that. alot of the time though doctors just diagnose people extremely easily. the number of schizophrenics and people with BPD has increased hundred fold since the early nineties. is it because there has been a massive surge in people getting schizophrenia and BPD since then? i don't think so.

    lsd could either help you get a grip on what is going on, or bring up a ton of other stuff and totally overwhelm you.

    start with a low dose. 1 hit, or even half a hit. then work your way up. don't trip more than once every month or two.

    whatever choice you make, remember that acid will cause pretty much permenant changes. for better or for worse.
  15. itsallgood

    itsallgood Senior Member

    guys dont put such a big hype behind it even though its fucking awsomenly amazing lol....the last time i tripped i was with someone who at the time i was insanly paranoid about and iam still pretty sure he wasnt tripping at all, but i really didnt care, i just told myslef i dont care, i repeated it in my head many time,"ijust dont care" and guess what everything went smoother than smoother...So dont hype it up to make you scared, relax and float away :) i have to admit though the beggining part was a bit overwhelming but the hallucinations kept my mind off it :cheers2: good luck brother
  16. Dein Liebsten

    Dein Liebsten Member

    Hip Chi, since you seem a little worried, I wouldn't do it just yet. Wait until you feel completely confident in yourself and that you will trip without having a manic or schizo moment.

    I don't think that you have to go through life without trying LSD, but that you should definitely wait until you are completely comfortable without a doubt.

    so meditate a lot, and try to get rid of everything that is putting you in that "bad" mental state.

    my spiritual adviser always tells me to push everything negative out, and take everything that comes my way with a positive attitude. everything can be learned there really is nothing to worry about.

    good luck. i hope i helped a bit.

  17. ad10

    ad10 Member

    I do agree that a lot of people get diagnosed unnececarily, however i also think that in the last 20 years it has become more socially accepted to go to a psychiatrist. In the past a lot of people who had psychological problems would have just ignored it or worked through it on their own because of either not trusting a quack or even from fear of friends and family finding out. It is still prevailent today i suppose but to a lesser extent.

    Therepy and counceling can have an extremely good effect on peoples lives, the doctors just need to lay of the medication a bit. Words sometimes have a much greater affect than drugs.
  18. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    Schizophrenia is like the main thing to worry about as a mental condition when taking LSD.

    I would advise you to NEVER take LSD, that is me though....
  19. neim

    neim Member

    to me, the most fascinating part about acid, is the person you become when you are high. and like many people said, it's not convenient to trip if you have issues, because the wantings of these personal problems will arise with no effort, ruining the trip.
    about that, it's even better how acid put's oneself in perspective about you actions to others...
  20. I would heavily advise that you listen to Feelings of U4ia. Being an acid-tripper myself, I would never recommend anyone with a serious mental disorder such as schizophrenia take LSD. Its one thing when the teachers in your school tell you not to take LSD, but its a completely different thing when a person who has tried LSD advises you to not take it after you have given him enough information regarding yourself and your mental health. Feelings of U4ia just gave you extremely good advice, and my advice to you is that you listen to him. This could worsen your condition...Your sanity is an extremely valuable possession, and you do not want to lose it at all.

    I hope I didn't sound like a dick to you. In all honesty, I'm just concerned for you and your mental health.

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