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Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by BrandO84, Jan 25, 2009.

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    I'm not really sure if this would be considered relevant but I figured I'd post it for shits-n-giggles. I did some 2-CB for the first time on Friday night and I kept a notebook with me to jot down whatever occurred to me. It was amusing (to me, anyway LOL). I'll probably jump on here and add some more detail later for a trip report, but here's a fleshed out version of what I read in the notebook. I deciphered what I had written and tried to flesh it out a bit (the original notes were NOT this detailed, heh).

    10:24 PM - I'm starting feel, I guess the best word to describe it would be "floaty". It's sort of how you feel after a coughing fit or when you hold your breath for a long time, that same light-headedness.

    10:48 PM - Now I'm feeling really floaty and all of my movements feel almost exaggerated. At this point, chatting online was becoming more trouble than it was worth, as focusing wasn't the easiest task (mentally, not visually). I also started feeling a bit nauseous and I wondered if it was the jalapeno/cheddar potato chips I'd snacked on; Dave informs me that no, it's not. Good, because I love those chips.

    11:04 PM - I step out onto Dave's porch for a cigarette just as Angel's arriving. Dave and Angel step inside as I continue to smoke and, as I glance over to the wall, I notice it's breathing a bit. As I'm staring at it, I can't determine if it's the wall that's breathing or if I'm waving back and forth and it totally threw my groove.

    11:12 PM - We left with Angel to hang at his house for a bit...he drives a Charger. Sweet. I sit in the backseat and I hold my notebook up to review what I'd written so far. When I held it up, the shadows from the defrost lines of the rear window projected onto it and, since they didn't line up with the lines on the notebook paper, it had a weird fuzzy 3-D effect to it. Honestly, I could've just sat there and watched it for a while. While I sat in the back of Angel's car, I also became very aware of how cold it was outside, very crisp; it didn't bother me.

    11:23 PM - As I enter Angel and Angela's kitchen, the pastel colors of the walls really pop out to me; they're so soft and bright. Angel learns of my reason for the notebook and reads aloud what I have written so far...I'm laughing so hard it hurts.

    "...and she vomited before she died."

    11:33 PM - By this point, I have the Rolling Stones "Miss You" stuck in my head; it would be there until around 2:00. Angel and Angela have a string of multi-color Christmas lights along the perimeter of the living room. They turn off the primary lights and plug in the Christmas lights. I can't help but stare at it for a bit. Dave then approaches me with an optical illusion on his phone. I stare into the illusion for two minutes (which felt like 5) as instructed; upon looking away, everything has a fuzzy 3-D look to it. Pssh...I later determine I can get the same effect from staring at my notebook paper under the Christmas lights, heh.

    11:48 PM - Dave hands me my notebook and tells me to put my thoughts into words. My response, "Man, I can't even put my words into words right now!" Pure gold...

    11:52 PM - Wha...huh? Yeah, I lost it...

    12:11 AM - The pen's stopped writing but somehow I continue using it (?). As I'm standing around the living room, I notice how much fun it is to watch the couch breathe and shift. The 3-D effect of the Christmas lines and the notebook paper make it almost too distracting to write.

    12:50 AM - We've spent the last 30 minutes or so in Angel's garage smoking cigarettes and staring at the wall. Angel speaks up, "You know...there's a lot of evil faces on these walls. It's really unsettling."

    I lOVE ThIS WAll...

    12:58 AM - I sit down at the dining room table and realize, holy shit! It's the first time I've sat down since arriving there almost two hours ago. Soooo's a nice change of pace.

    1:01 AM - I've been doodling on my notebook page randomly for the past couple minutes and I notice how creepy one spot looks, as I swear it looks like an eye. An owl eye, maybe?

    1:04 AM - Everything feels as if it's slowed to a crawl. I attempt to write more in the notebook but I find myself focusing less on the words and more on moving the pen around on the paper. It's fun...

    1:13 AM - Dave and I sit at the dining room table and watch "Charlie the Unicorn" and it's sequel on his phone. I didn't even know it had a sequel. You know, it didn't make much sense when I saw it before and it makes a whole lot less sense right

    1:34 AM - Holy shit! Where'd the time go? That last 20 minutes flew by. I take a sip of my drink and realize that it was both the best and the worst Diet Coke ever...I'm sure it'll make sense later.

    1:37 AM - We're standing in the garage and Angel picks up the notebook, recapping everything I've written. We are all laughing uncontrollably at just how inane it sounds.

    3:59 AM (?!) - Angela is giving Dave and I a ride back to Dave's apartment. The Charger is lying to me...there's no way in hell it's that late. I'm sitting in the front seat and I realize that if I block out my peripheral vision and stare out the front windshield, it all feels like I'm riding a motion simulator (sort of like the Back to the Future ride at Universal). As we're leaving, I spot a damn cute chick on the side of the road in their neighborhood and I'm feeling very social. You know, I'd have stopped to chat if she wasn't being hassled by a cop...

    We arrive at Dave's around 2:00 AM. At this point, I've given up on writing in the notebook but everything feels more controlled now. I heat up some leftover wonton soup I had from earlier and Dave does the unthinkable...dipping those crunchy Chinese noodles in Dave's Ultimate Insanity hot sauce. Somehow he's less affected by the sauce than normal, so I opt to put some Endorphin Rush in my soup. It burns for a minute or two but not nearly as much as it normally would. To close out the night, we chill out and begin watching the Aqua Teen Hunger Force seemed appropriate.
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    so was this your first trip on an rc? first trip ever? what have you tried before? were these other people tripping with you? do you know how much you took? ha, 20 questions.

    good report. glad you enjoyed. did you get a headache or any side effects other than the nausea?
  3. BrandO84

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    Yeah, this was my first trip ever on an RC, though I had previously used shrooms (twice), DXM (twice), and MDMA (once). Both of my friends were tripping with me, which made the whole experience that much more amusing, as they were saying just as much weird shit as me. I'm not entirely sure how high the dosage was; I asked my friend who hooked me up but he said he wasn't sure. I can't remember if he got around to asking the guy who dealt us the pills. As for side effects, nope...nothing but the minor nausea during it's onset. The entire next day I felt completely mellow though, which was pretty nice.

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