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Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by bertrose, Jan 28, 2005.

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    I know there are alot of threads on this topic, but it seems like everyone who write about this topic are worried about long term effects and 'flashbacks'. I have friends at my school who say they have tripped on shrooms a bunch of times, and they get 'bad trips'. Where one kid, puked during a trip and was laying in it for 4 hours. Or how people talk to bricks for 4 hours about nothing, and curl up in a ball and start rocking back and forth. I don't know what I think about this, it seems like they aren't ready to take on the actual experience. I've been contemplated doing shrooms for as long as I've been a member of this forum, and I feel very confident that i'd be able to surrender to the experience without getting anxiety. I've smoked a lot of pot, and the first couple times were alittle more than I expected where i'd be labeled on a couch for like 10 minutes during the peak. Now i can talk normally when im high and do what I always do. But there is still that nervousness about my first time. I want my first experience to be a good one. I'm normally a very energetic kid, im never in a bad mood, I honestly think i could have a great experience...

    My question is: Are these people who I have been talking to lying? or were they not ready to take on shrooms? And how can I avoid this kind of trip? Also, does anyone have a bad trip that they had, and why have you had the bad trip, if you know the reason you've had one?
  2. It all depends on what is going on while you're tripping. Those people aren't lying. I've never had a bad trip before, but you have to be very comfortable with your environment. Don't trip if you're pissed or if you can't devote enough time to your trip. Stay away from any authority figures, and try to keep it to a few good friends and you should be fine. Above everything else, HAVE FUN
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    The last time I did em i was out in the cold in some ghetto shack, i still had mad fun tho, its not that big a deal where you are, just dont take alot your first time, i dont see any reason why you you shoudlnt do them
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    those people aren't lying, they were just in a nasty state of mind from the sounds of it. well, the first guy had a bad stomache reaction from what i gather, i never puked from them, i dont' mind the taste or stomach feeling, but i dont' know what that kid was laying in it for four hours was doing. i kinda havn't been there like that before while on shrooms, like i was just laying down, and i had no desire or will to move anypart of my body so i just layed still for like 25 minutes, lol my buddy eric was like, say something! move! but he understood what i was feeling.

    my advice to you is to eat an eighth your first trip, regardless of waht other people say, that is my opinion tho. i ate a half eighth my first time and was grossly dissapointed at the lack of effects at that level. do it while in a good frame of mind, and try not to think about anything bad or sad, and try to avoid things that ( if there even are any) are eating at your concious for a while, like for me, i am always in the back of my mind worrying about college and my schoolwork, and what am i gonna do with my life stuff like that, and that sometimes really depresses me on a shroom trip, but thats just me. i like to do them at night, but doing them in the night time/day time are totally different experiences. at night, i just hit the black lights, music, and chill with one or 2 of my friends sleeping over tripping too, its fun we dose at 11 and trip till like 4 when we fall asleep. its not a totally physically depleting experience, its more mind bending, so don't worry about like hurting your self, i think thats only dumb people who say that they get hurt while tripping cause they think they can do stufff they can't. just make sure you have good music, be able to relax and just talk alot with some friends (who are tripping too, you don't connect if they're not, its really wierd to talk to people who aren't feeling like you are) or just contemplate and find whats in your mind. its a worthwhile experience, dont get scared off.

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