first time sex, why does it go wrong?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by american_gstar, May 31, 2006.

  1. hey,

    so today i've had sex with my GF for the first time, we were all excited and such! we were sitting on the couch, watching the movie; 3000miles to graceland, anyhow i decided to make a sex move and we ended up kissing & touching eachother, and eventually landed in bed (for the first time!) anyway it didnt go ''as well'' as we would expect, i couldnt go in (with teh u know what) and if it would i nearly didnt feel a thing, (well a little bit) BUT way not enough to get done. She on the otherhand was feeling this and that, and felt an little bit pain for one moment (as if you know... perhaps loses her viriginity.) but not really hard and it passed pretty quick. I'm not even 100% sure if she was still a virgin, i mean she's 18. Thus i'm assuming she is. I was on top she down and we tried one other style which was her on top and me down, both didnt work, we even used serveral condoms (cause the old ones were getting ''dry'') but without to much result, we called it a quit eventually, a bit weird but i gues that was the only option. We tried long. my ''dick'' as in the begin ''stiff'' but became softer later, so i really dont understand why this is fucking difficult LoL
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    hehe always hard the first time, if you are concered about anything like if she was a virgin or not then ask her. communication IS IMPOTANT. Make sure you are always telling each other what you like, and never give up looking for new things. just remember to keep communication good because that will help alot.
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    1st time is supposed to be awkward, especially if both parties are virgins. That's just what I hear, I wouldn't know for sure though, seeing as I am a virgin.
  4. That's funny you should mention it I had sex with my girlfriend/fiance for the first time, and it was awesome... I had a slight advantage in that she cums from stimulation against her pussy... she actually came from us hugging while on our sides and my cock rubbing between her legs/pussy (outside). That was hot though lol

    And, yes, I couldn't stay hard as much as I wanted plus I didn't get as "big" as I can get, but I was too busy eating her out in the meantime to care. One of the problems was that I almost came to quickly because it was so hot and sexy, and when I slowed us down and stopped I couldn't get as hard again.

    But we switched positions so she was on her stomach and I got behind her and fucked her while right on top of her, while at the same time playing with her pussy with my hand wrapped around her from behind... and that come me to cum.

    All in all a very nice first experience with her :)

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