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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by trippedelia, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. well hopefully this thread will end up working and get stickied so first timers (including me) can ask their questions here instead of making a new thread to ask 'em. i do like threads about actual first times but i think a first time FAQ would be good for the stray questions here and there that get asked a lot and if people answer with truthful info then this might be helpful..

    so heres some of my own i thought id start with..

    Does add/adhd effect the lsd tripper at all? my friend Jungle is wanting to trip and he has it so im just checking if it would have any PHYSICAL side-effects.
    im pretty sure it wouldnt but at least itll make other people sure.
  2. this post doesnt exist
  3. I don't think it would matter at all about the ADD, ADHD, if anything it might give him some relief from it.

    I believe L slows a persons thoughts down a bit, so they will probably be more relaxed

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    Yea I've tripped with people on L and shrooms (not at the same time of course) who have add, and they were fine. One thought he knew everything for a few minutes, but other than that he said he just fell in love with nature and had a great time. Seem more relaxed than me, now that I think about it.
  5. yeah you cant tell my friend has add but he used to be a little psycho when a kid haha.
  6. lalalamort

    lalalamort Fucked up upstairs

    You're a fucking moron to do acid at 15.

    in're all morons to do it.

    jsut thought i'd say that
  7. thanks man

    and actually i havent done it, and the moron is the one calling other people stupid for something that doesnt concern them.

    FURBY.R.HOTT Member

    yeah, i have a question about first time. how many hits should i take, and how long should it last me?
  9. Grapefruity

    Grapefruity Sunny Side Up

    one hit man...if its good it will last at least 8 hours...and you never know how strong a hit could be , even if someone else tried the batch and says theyre aright. A friend of mine on his first time and probably last ended curled up in his bed, with 1 hit in part of sheet where lsd was more abundant, which I took two before him but was freaking out in the middle of nowhere.

    FURBY.R.HOTT Member

    btw, should i try shrooms or acid first? cause i have someone who could get me either
  11. In my opinion younger than about 18 is too young. There are at least two reasons. Your body and brain are still developing, and though a psychedelic is unlikely to harm you, why take chances. The second reason is that it will likely be much easier to achieve an optimal set/setting when you are a bit older and more independent.
  12. CadenceKid

    CadenceKid Member

    let the lsd come to you. it will when your ready.
  13. BannedInDC

    BannedInDC Member

    It really doesnt matter. When you take acid just think to yourslf "Ok, Im 15 and im on acid, I am loved and nothing matters FUCK YEAH!". Everything should be fine, just go with the trip.
  14. JvY

    JvY Member

    8 hours, do you even know wut you are talking about?
  15. Grapefruity

    Grapefruity Sunny Side Up

    lol why?

    dont tell me like an average hit will keep you tripping for 12 hours I dont eat it. You might have static in your vision, or like residual patterning but there not much. A good hit for me will keep the effect in first plan for like 8 hours then lets go to sleep. Maybe you get really strong stuff, but anyways its all a question of what you consider a good hit and what you consider as *I still feel the effects*
  16. Micha

    Micha Now available in Verdana!

    shut up sam :rolleyes:
    try it before you diss it..;) :p
  17. Grapefruity

    Grapefruity Sunny Side Up

    yeah how can you possibly diss lsd when its right in front of you, it is like a little ladys box full of fancy jewelry

    yeah ok it has fucked up my future a bit , well changed it, but I dont know I found its worth the mind opening it brings
  18. TheCandyMan

    TheCandyMan Member

    i agree with trippedelia, your the moron. i'm 14 and haven't done acid but if i did that would be none of your buisness.

    astroneurologist had a good point and thats exactly why i haven't taken acid yet, and won't until i'm at least 18, because of the setting. if your 15 you won't have the freedom to fully enjoy acid, my friend is begging me to do it but i keep turning him down [​IMG]. plus in my case every new drug i try gives me a new level of thinking and it isn't all good when your still in school with no freedom.

    i take drugs but i think the beauty of acid is worth waiting for, even though i'm sure it would do alot more good than bad in my life right now

  19. 2cesarewild

    2cesarewild I'm an idiot.

    wee is teh moron ye i's is to stoopids two funchin eneemor
  20. he's got a great point^^

    i just found out my friend knows plenty of people in the city who sell acid, but even he realises its not lsd-25, i do wonder what it is though..

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