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Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by mowgli, May 9, 2004.

  1. mowgli

    mowgli Member

    last nite i tried pills fer the first time. i had 1 heineken white star. now then.........i'm rather a "large" 16 year old....shall we say,and i had 1 pill. my other frend who dropped was mongin out on the bed within 20 mins but i wasnt touched. after an hour i was really pissed off so decided to skin up. i smoked a joint with hardly any weed in really....and it instantly kicked in! i was fkin buzzin and i cudnt sit down or keep my legs still and i felt like i was floating. my qwestion is:.... do u think that the pill just took longer to effect me bcoz of my size......or was it the weed that kicked it in??


  2. backtothelab

    backtothelab Senior Member

    Both, probably. I'm a pretty big kid myself, like 230, and what gets my smaller friends flying barely even touches me sometimes, but i do find the weed to help quite a bit, for getting things going.
  3. i always think that weed helps intensify the effect but your size may have something to do with it to...i'm not too sure. did you have a good time?
  4. TreePhiend

    TreePhiend Member

    wait, I'm confused... The title says first time dropper, which implies acid, but you took a pill which could be a microdot i guess, but dosen't really sound like one... so were you doing X or acid?
  5. Requiem422

    Requiem422 Member

    what was the pill?
  6. that was also confusing me but i didn't wanna sound stupid bc i thought i was the only one that didn't get it.
  7. mowgli

    mowgli Member

    it was X that i took. yea i did enjoy it!
  8. one time me and 2 of my friends ate some rolls and they were both really fucked up, but i wasn't feeling it that much at all. i don't know what was wrong with me that day bc everyone that has eaten one of those have gotten fucked up. i decided to try again another day and it definitely worked that time and has worked every time since then.
  9. bertrose

    bertrose Member

    are all drugs like that? like ur first time u smoke pot some people don't get high....?! is that common to all drugs...Sugar Magnolia ur making me think :)
  10. i don't think that works for all drugs at all. the first time i ate acid or shrooms, it definitely worked. and i've eaten rolls before that one, but that was the first sunflower i ever ate. and my friend that ate one with me was eating her first roll ever and she was wasted. i have no logical explanation for why i didn't feel anything that night.
  11. Ganjaman420

    Ganjaman420 Member

    I think that when people dont get high there first time like when you smoke pot. Its because your smoking liek a pussy. They probally dont inhale so thats why you dont get high. Theres no way with such a low tolerance u cant get high.

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