First time doing Oxycontins, experience with opiates

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by acidphreak, Apr 16, 2007.

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    I hear what your saying on this and the Big problem with a Methadone Clinic is you are Drug tested and can ONLY take Methadone.
    Taking Dope is dangerous since we never know what it is and how Pure too. It's why so may Juinkies are dying too.
    Pills you know what you are getting and yes they are expensive but not a high price to pay NOT TO OD.
    Ofcourse you can still OD on Pills and many do etc
    Also I would rather deal with a Dr then a Pusher.
    I'm not putting downn your advice-Just offering a different view Bro.
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    No I understand fully. If you got the money to spend on the pills then so be it, You are right Dealing with Herion dealers is no fun at all, Not all but Most are very bad people who could care less about you or your life they just want your money. And the areas you have to go to get the herion are terrable, 9/10 times you have to go to a Ghetto to get it, I hate going to get Herion I hate it so much. I go to south Bronx not far from Yankee stadium, and I am the only white person on the street, Its a terrable area very very poor and ran down. you have to watch your back thw whole time you are there. and another problum is the cops know when they see a white person in that area what you are doing they are not stupid, So it makes the odds of you getting arrested go up also, and you are also right atleast with the pills you know what and how much is going into your body. thats the problum with Herion one bag could be 10% pure and the next is 90% pure ? you have no dam idea. A wish you the best man, please look into gtting into a methadone program. It will help you so much.

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