First Time Ayahuasca Hints

Discussion in 'DMT' started by psyberhippie, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. psyberhippie

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    Hi everyone

    I would consider myself a psychedelic explorer...I have eaten more Psylocybin mushrooms than i have normal mushrooms, I've taken as much LSD as i can lay my hands on (maybe 20-30+ separate times). I know how to deal with my trips, but I would like to know a little more about Ayahuasca before i decide to break open the head...

    Probably using banisteros caapi, not entirely sure which is the best.

    I would just like to see what other people say about their ayahuasca sessions....

    What to expect, how it differs from other psychedelics etc...

    I want some opinions please people!!
  2. Man, I've tried ayahuasca that I made several times with great success. The strongest being 40g yellow caapi 40g mimosa hostilis. The last time I used that combination I was told to not mix those two again and use rue with the mimosa and d.cabrarana with the caapi. Its like 35g caapi 28g+ d.cabrarana. 3g rue 28gm.hostillis. During my last session I was shown that the maoi dialates the bodies cells allowing the DMT which is like the purest form of energy to flow through the physical being. Like the core essence is channeled right through the physical mass giving you that spiritual rush. I had a vision of racing white rainbow lights pulsing furiously through a physical matrix. The onset vison was that of a vivid orange starfish that rotated in 3D with a human eye in the center that blinked. The visions were short last due to premature purging from excess sediment in my potion. A skiped meal beforehand is neccessary to aquire adiquite absorbtion of medincine through the stomach lining and to reduce the onset of a premature purge. 30-45min is about the ideal time to hold it before a purge. Lack of motion helps. The darker the enviroment the more vivid visions. try a mindfold from alex grey. Music must be carefully selected. Something definetly psytrance. You become easily aggitated by external stimuli. If you succeed, beware of alien abduction. If you can overcome the fear and allow for abduction against the fight of your rational mind. You will enter into a state where at first you will become aware that you are GOD. A most difficult subject to deal with since you are the creator of all things. Getting passed all the bullshit in the world leads to the fact that some sick sadistic part of you wants all the garbage that is happening to happen and that you actually like it in some sick way.
  3. Powder your plants in a coffee grinder. Simmer in a solution of 1 cup lemon juice, 2 cups distilled water 3x for 20min each. Using only enough solution each time to make the powder a soupy consistency. Strain through your common baking metal screen baking strainer. Then through a plastic coffee filter to reduce excess sediment build up. Use a ziplock bag to store the potion in your freezer.
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    I had a crazy idea of blending fresh viridias leaves with a tiny bit of water in a blender, straining it through a nut mylk bag (mesh bag), and repeating until i can't extract any more juice from it. This way I avoid heating and changing molecular structures too much, and producing toxins that aren't already there. Unless we have to change the structure of the dmt or other compounds, why cook it or add lemon? That's just to extract it from the fibre right? heat + being more soluble + breakdown of celulose = extraction?
  5. xTwitchx

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    wow... im on dmt ...completely different than i thought it would be...
  6. xTwitchx

    xTwitchx Member

    lol.. yesterday i tried dmt.. man thats crazy stuff. I started bad tripping though -.-. yea i guess 5.5 grams isn't a good idea for the first time
  7. trevtrex

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    What the fuck are you talking about? If you were on DMT you wouldn't be on the computer.
  8. Sounds to me like you got ripped off.
  9. xTwitchx

    xTwitchx Member

    of course i would.. i realized half way through that i only had a good trip when i was in a social area.. doing it solo made me paranoid and scared.. but i had to get off the comp cuz i couldnt see the screen properly.. it was kinda spinning and distorted xD
  10. xTwitchx

    xTwitchx Member

    ripped off how?
  11. inthydreams911

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    what do you mean 5.5 grams? you don't take dmt in grams. 60 mg is about all you need. thats less then a tenth of a gram. you sure you didn't just take some mushrooms?

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