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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Professor Jumbo, May 9, 2004.

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    This poped into my head while posting in a slightly purile thread in the random thoughts section. I used to write a fair amount, never really tried, stuff would just show up in my brain without my asking for it. The only way that I could get it out again was to write it down never to read it again never wanting to. It has been at least two years since anything, probably longer. And there is a goodly amount of cheese in this, but then all poetry is made of cheese of one kind or another though it usually contains other things as well. I'm not even sure if this can rightly be called poetry as there is no consistent rhythm, verse, or meter to it, there is some of course but for all I can tell it is random and inconsistenet. This may be more of a rant than actual poetry. Anyhow, heregoes. Beware, this is very very weird and perhaps a bit psychotic.

    I we? sit silently eyes closed
    touching barely fingertips and tips of fingers
    Music maybe but no words only music softly touching fingertips touching fingertips touching hands
    but not moving mine alone
    each moves the other moves the self
    both in time together but alone neither
    fingertips alone touch the air touch nothing feel the void
    fingertips together touch fingertips
    together touch hands touch arms
    Fingertips trace shoulders
    Fingertips trace faces
    Two faces facing faces eyes closed
    Fingertips gently
    Touching soft bellies naked breathing
    Fingertips touching warmth
    Sharing warmth glow brighter than with eyes open
    Sharing life sharing energy; calm
    Fingertips barely touching fingertips
    Touching chests heave gently slowly steady
    Fingertips feel heartbeats peaceful
    Two faces facing faces
    Two bellies, chests, heartbeats
    Safe here
    Fingertips touching fingertips
    Touching minds touching souls
    Two faces eyes closed
    Two souls eyes open
  2. saffronfrancisburnet

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    what a lovely poem you have written...

    what an energy ,it speaks softly of to me..
    how such a gentle sense from one to another
    can create such a garden of human beauty...

    thats what this piece made me feel .....
    i enjoyed reading this
    love n peace from saff
  3. know1nozme

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    I enjoyed this poem. The last five lines are especially nice - your poetry trancends the words it is comprised of. Beautiful.
  4. isoisidorus

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    fingertips are the surface of your soul
    gentle erotic tracings
  5. caliente

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    Lovely writing :)

    (what does "cheese" mean???)
  6. romantico

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    Nicely done! Very much enjoyed...!

  7. isoisidorus

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    my fingertips traceyouout
    and the world feels warm
  8. isoisidorus

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    insensitive people put their experience between their thumb and forefinger
    their fingertips are as mute as their consciences.

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