Fined $75 by university

Discussion in 'Busted!' started by Lather, May 27, 2006.

  1. Lather

    Lather Member

    Some months ago I was caught smoking pot in a friend's room in university residence. I barely took my second toke when residence security knocked on the door. This was followed by the usual denial from our side and sarcastic remarks from their side... eventually I was fined $75 and they threatened to fine me $150 if I ever got into any kind of trouble again. All for smoking a harmless joint...
  2. could have been worse... ya could have gotten academic probation
  3. CreamPuffWar

    CreamPuffWar Member

    Well, not quite. Academic probation relates to academics (grades, etc.), hence the title. Most likely, he would have been placed on disciplinary probation for a year.
  4. thats what i meant...
  5. wonderboy

    wonderboy the secret of your power!

    wow, consider yourself extremely lucky... at my school we are supposed to get thrown out if we are caught on university grounds. at least, that's the written rule, but i highly doubt it happens often, i mean, it's university hahahah
  6. Lather

    Lather Member

    If that rule were to actually be implemented, I'm guessing about 60% of the students in your university would've been out by now. Well maybe an even higher percentage coz it's B.C.:p
  7. EnterTheFarside

    EnterTheFarside the cats pajamas

    couldnt you have gotten expelled?
  8. wonderboy

    wonderboy the secret of your power!

    lol i dont go to school in BC, i go to schoolin new brunswick lol... yeah that's what i don't understand, if it was implemented then the school would lose so many fucking students, and i dont think they can afford it... that's probably why right there. but i believe that that's the policy that we have written somewhere.

    i was pretty sketched about it at the beginning of the year, so i avoided smoking on campus, but once i got a little more relaxed i didn't mind. i even toked up in my room now and then, which was nice.
  9. wonderboy

    wonderboy the secret of your power!

    oh, just had to add... some girls in my residence made special brownies one day, and the fucking monitor DIDNT EVEN KNOW. lol, you'd think she would be able to smell it, it's a tiny little res house... and the chaplain (who was also our don) almost ate some... fuck that would have been awesome if he had. they got fined a hundred bucks or so, i think, once the monitor found out.

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