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Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by underagrapevine, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. I've always been compelled to find something... I'm not sure what it is. I have always had this free spirit, I don't know why. I recently moved from the mountains in Oregon to Washington after a chapter of life found its ending. I finished the family portion and am back to my little back book of alphabetized, yet very random ideas of what I'd like to do. I've been on this trip since I was in elementary school, had a child and now it's time to go on. Now that there is nobody to take care of but me, I'm searching again. I've struggled in society to have a delapitated apartment to offer my son. I have $400 and trying to see where I fit in. I've always wanted to live off the land. I tried to prepare my son to something of the sort, but he is no longer with me. I would like to find that place where I can focus on personal enlightenment and tell my pesky demons to go away so that I can rise and breathe again. I would like to focus on my art and poetry and prepare for future travels abroad. But society says I cannot make it with $400 and a very old car. It does run well though! I say the world is mine, but I need to find that thread that weaves between me, society and my ultimate goal. Have any of you made it to your safe place with nearly nothing?
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    I don't have much as of now, and I havn't found my place at the moment. I am still waiting for my calling, but I think I've already had my calling to be honest. I don't know why I am still waiting around like somehow a giant pile of money is going to fall out of the sky to help me with my ambitions. Like I said I don have much and I'm getting ready to depart on my own adventure. I think you can do it with four hundred it will be rough but if you believe in yourself you accomplish anything.
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    if successful , your safe place will be most anywhere and under any
    beautiful tree . this life is true and you will be helped ... it is to hear
    a voice " you are protected " .
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    We've been looking to grow our household with artists... and you sound like you might be a good fit: needing time and space for your art and can help with cleaning, cooking, etc to pay your way. Message me for more info and tell us some more about yourself.
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    It's always good to find the Tao of you anywhere you are. I am currently trying to reconnect with that myself and I can tell you from past experience that sometimes going out and just being is a good start. Don't let others hold you back from experiencing your Tao. If it is what you know then you can be.
    Peace n' love
  6. I will message when i'm on a computer... A couple of days.
  7. Well, I do not see a place for messaging -- says I have no rights LOL! I'm tendingtograpevines yahoo Have a wonderful day!
  8. NextEvolution

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    Sent you an email, but didn't hear back... you still looking?

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