Finally, some more pictures of Leane

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by barefoot_kirstyn, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. barefoot_kirstyn

    barefoot_kirstyn belly flop

    Well, the MIL was down the other day and sent us some cute pics of Leane. There's not that many, but at least there's something. We finally found another camera the other day at a garage sale....I just hope that it works, so hopefully we'll get some more up here soon!
  2. RyvreWillow

    RyvreWillow Member

    i love her little pigtails! Sooo cute :) She's gorgeous.
  3. barefoot_kirstyn

    barefoot_kirstyn belly flop

    thank you! I love putting her hair in those pigtails! or i do a single one on the very top of her head in the same waterfall style. It's so fun to play with her hair! lol
  4. HappyJoy

    HappyJoy Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Chubby cheeks! So cute!
  5. Critter1223

    Critter1223 Member

    I was thinking the same!! Some serious cheeks she has there!!! Too cute!
  6. barefoot_kirstyn

    barefoot_kirstyn belly flop

    lol, always with the cheeks! that's what everyone says! guess who she got them from?
  7. JayzzMama

    JayzzMama Member

    Chipmunk baby! She has lots of hair! Jimmy is just now getting his hair back and it's coming in fine and blond. She does look a lot like ya! Cute!
  8. barefoot_kirstyn

    barefoot_kirstyn belly flop

    lol, everyone says that she's my little twin! I'm not really in any of the photos up can see my arm and lips in one, but that's about it. I'll try to get one where we're both side by side....we look so much alike! lol I swore she was gunna look more like her dad (he's in the photos)!!!
  9. HippyFreek2004

    HippyFreek2004 changed screen name

    that's what I thought about Moire...that she was going to look just like Brian...but everyone says she looks just like me...strange how that happens...
  10. moon_flower

    moon_flower Banned

    She has the happiest little smile. Her eyes are really pretty, too!
    And, I have to mention the cheeks....just too cute.
    She's adorable! :D
  11. HippyFreek2004

    HippyFreek2004 changed screen name

    She is so cute with the pigtails and the cheekies...:D I love the cheekies...I just want to kiss them...:D
  12. barefoot_kirstyn

    barefoot_kirstyn belly flop

    lol, I know, eh!? There's just so much of them there, you want to gobble them all up! as I like to say, she's all cheeks and attitude!
  13. Sage-Phoenix

    Sage-Phoenix Imagine

    Aww bless, so cute :)
  14. sugrmag

    sugrmag Uber Nerd

    Yeah, chubby cheeks (and legs for me) are the best.I just love chunky babies. They look so healthy and I just want to eat them up! Not really, of course... :p
  15. barefoot_kirstyn

    barefoot_kirstyn belly flop

    lol, she has no shortage of chubby legs,'s cliche, but she LITTLERALY is a Michelen (sp?) baby! I'm talkin serious rolls here!
  16. HippyLove

    HippyLove Visitor

    she is absolutly adorable. How cute!!!!
  17. hippychickmommy

    hippychickmommy Sugar and Spice

    How did I miss this thread?! Leanne looks so adorable. She's just so cute, I just want to squeeze her little cheeks!
  18. smiling_mama

    smiling_mama Member

    You have a beautiful daughter kirstyn!!!
  19. barefoot_kirstyn

    barefoot_kirstyn belly flop

    thanks again everyone. lol, i never get tired of hearing how cute she is, haha ;)
  20. Stillravenmad

    Stillravenmad Member

    She looks like such a happy little one. Such a smile! She's adorable.

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