Female sex drive (and mine)

Discussion in 'Free Love' started by blonde4yourparty, May 22, 2007.

  1. Everyone seems to think that guys "want it" more than girls. I have even heard that this is normal biology: males want to spread their seed whereas women need to carefully consider who germinates their egg. But if women aren't that naturally horny, why is there is so much societal pressure put into suppressing the female sex drive? I think this is true in societies across cultures. If "nature" dictated that women were didn't want sex that much, why would we need these outside pressures? If there is nothing to suppress, why the suppression? By Nature's laws, I would think that women would be fighting to get their eggs germinated by an able male in hopes of pining him down as a protector.

    So you see, I am not a freak for wanting it so often and with so many. I am just on a higher plane. LOL.
  2. Just curious

    Just curious Member

    Oh your on a higher plane alright, one that any man would want to be on with you. Most men probably not be able to keep up so several suitors may be needed for you. however I do not think you are ready for procreation just yet, so I would just like to caution you about all those pesky STDs' out there and I hope that you are protecting yourself.
  3. Not really. You get men who are extremely sexual and women who are, in my experience.
    And some men are not so sexual (although obviously most still play up to this big "im so macho look i love meaingless sex so much" role) and some women arent either

    Each to their own

    Bugger biology
  4. Nyx

    Nyx Member

    I think girls have just as much fun as guys during sex. But believe or not, some peoples sex drives are not as wild as others, including guys!!!
  5. dibbo69

    dibbo69 Fuck em all

    Yep, the balance of the sex drives. This is probably one do the most complicated issues in relationships and something that takes some time to figure out what is what as it's not something tangable that we can see in the begining. Usually by the time you figure it out things are more involved than just having a good time and it's not exactly easy to just break things off and move on for that reason alone. At the same time it's not a good idea to stay in a relationship that your not happy in sexually as it will lead to problems at some point.
  6. Mirakel

    Mirakel Member

    i agree, that i am definitely more "driven" than most girls out there, but i'm hanging on and i haven't let go yet. we need to be really careful in the psycho world we're in.
  7. Pariah

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    I'm weird...when I'm single, I can go months at a time without sex (but I do masturbate daily, sometimes twice a day.) When I finally get with someone, I can't get enough. 3 or 4 times a day is fine by me!
  8. Psychology has prooven that woman are more sexual then men, thats the reason why they touch eachother so much.
  9. Allonym

    Allonym cheesecake slut

    me touching my friends is completely nonsexual, its a comfort thing not a sexual thing
  10. gold47

    gold47 Member

    I am a 47 year old male,my sex drive is as strong or stronger than when i was 18,i get off far more intense now with sex or masturbation than when i was younger,but from my experiances and from listening to freinds talk most of the wives and girlfreinds just do not want sex near as much as the men.
  11. Cutted

    Cutted Cutted

    Some people might consider me an "older guy", but i still want it every day.

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