Female prison inmate pregnant

Discussion in 'Latest Hip News Stories' started by Toecutter, Aug 12, 2021.

  1. Toecutter

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  2. Varmint

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    My thoughts exactly, Toecutter.
  3. scratcho

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    Irony abides.

    WOLF ANGEL Senior Member - A Fool on the Hill Lifetime Supporter

    One has to question this practice.
    To allow such interaction in any kind of facility that is there to balance contol and care of those; who may have psycolological issues. that are and (Mentally) vulnerable under their chargeis dubious at best.

    he Victim = the child who would either,
    (i) Be taken away from a Mother (whilst they serve their (potentially long) sentence
    (ii) Be taken away from a Mother because that sentence is potentially long
    (iii) Remain in a facility with a Mother - a fellow inmates - who may use and abuse
    (iv) Remain in a facility with a Mother - and be brought up within a 'society' of dubious character, - thinking that as the norm

    Whilst pregnancies do occur already within these facilities, this IMO is a risk too far, and hope forlorn.
  5. Toecutter

    Toecutter Moderator


    Some states have a nursery in the prison, mothers depending on crime, can keep the baby with them for a few months
  6. Motion

    Motion Senior Member

    Why don't they just build a separate building for trans-gender inmates?
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  7. Toecutter

    Toecutter Moderator

    The dynamics of prison, everyone interacts with one another, feeding, education, recreation
  8. boubindica

    boubindica Members

    Completely agree with you. Society accepts Trans, so we should be providing for them as a recognised group. Men and Women are not allowed to mix, so Trans really should be mixing with other Trans.
  9. Toecutter

    Toecutter Moderator

    Some one would be calling a lawyer, special treatment etc. it would take a court order to force the state and federal prison systems to make this happen
  10. boubindica

    boubindica Members

    Special treatment? Hardly. More like protecting vulnerable Women from predatory Men/Transwomen. I live in the UK and there’s an uproar about the Transwomen gaining access to Women’s prisons.
  11. Toecutter

    Toecutter Moderator

  12. boubindica

    boubindica Members

    And you think I don’t know that?
  13. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    Is it enough just to say you identify as a woman?

    I mean if you’re a guy and you have a choice of being housed with other men, or sex starved women, the choice is clear.
  14. Toecutter

    Toecutter Moderator

    Its Party Time !
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  15. boubindica

    boubindica Members

    Which is why it’s a bad idea.
  16. Totally Yoda

    Totally Yoda Lifetime Master of the Moderator Force Super Moderator

    Well, it's California.
  17. boubindica

    boubindica Members

    It’s across the pond too.
  18. Dulci Daily

    Dulci Daily Members

    See, this is why I favor the concept of "shemaleness" over that of "transgender women" identified as boys at birth. A shemale is basically a male with some female-like aspects. This is ascertainable. It's not ascertainable that some guy who claims to be a woman really is a woman. If shemales go to prison, they may well need special protection from male predators. What they don't need is an opportunity to screw women by claiming to be women.
  19. boubindica

    boubindica Members

    I can see your point there Dulci. But… I’m a Woman, yet I share quite a lot of Male attributes (in the sense of the kinds of things I’m interested in)… strangely, my index fingers are shorter than my ring fingers, which is also usually only found in males and is due to Male levels of testosterone. Not sure I would like to be referred to as a Male-she though (if that’s the female version of a She-Male). Just Woman would suffice. Also, I don’t understand why Transwomen want to be called Women. It seems to me like they’re ashamed of who/what they are. That can’t be a good thing. If I was a Transman, I’d be it and I’d be proud of it, and to hell with what anyone else thinks.
  20. Dulci Daily

    Dulci Daily Members

    I don't really think interests, in general, should be classified as "male" or "female." For example, supposing you're interested in stereotypically male things like hunting, boxing, or automobile racing, that doesn't make you more male than you would otherwise be. Appearance may be classified as male or female; for example, I think a shemale with twin ponytails, small but girlish breasts, and a bikini top (see my profile pic) looks pretty female, at least above the waist. But what you call yourself, or identify yourself as, I think is purely a matter of free choice--as long as it's not actually deceptive, like guys calling themselves women!
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