Feeling socially starved in SW, MO.

Discussion in 'Missouri' started by |SunDriedLily|, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. I'm from Springfield, MO. Currently living a little ways away from Springfield though. Within a month I'll be back. I need to meet like minded souls who would like to chill, hang out, and express general ideas and philosophies.
  2. cosmic steve

    cosmic steve Guest

    My wife and I love to chill and talk to like minded people.We live in the Springfield mo. area.My name is Steve and my wifes name is Kat.Hope to hear back from ya!
  3. Tallartist

    Tallartist Banned

    I went to college in Springfield and lived there for 6 years... I still go down there every now & zen.
  4. PersimMoon

    PersimMoon Guest

    Hola! I wanted to say hello... I grew up in the area where you're from. My family(myself, husband, kiddos) is moving back in the Spring. I was lurking here tonight... It has been years since I was on HipForums. I couldn't even remember my old login details. *haha* I saw this post and then a post of yours in a parenting forum(advocating for treating children as humans, *gasp* can you imagine!?!)quite by chance, and new I had to come reply to this. It was worth re-registering. Maybe we can meet when we're back in that neck of the woods? :D
  5. Yes, I would love to meet up! Just let me know when you're coming back to So Mo! =D
  6. PersimMoon

    PersimMoon Guest

    Fabulous! We're leaving KY in a few days. Gonna be staying with a friend while we scope for rentals in the area. Wanna do me a favor and keep your eyes peeled. ;) We own land outside of Ava but, alas, no housing there currently.

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