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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by tigerchild, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. tigerchild

    tigerchild Member

    Well, i had a dream wich as it was happening, i was not scared, just interested and i thought it was completly natural. Actually i will tell you what happened:

    I was a little girl, not me as a little girl, but someone else. I was climbing a tower and every floor was a different era and the rooms had loads of objects from that era.... a greek statue of a horse, a guilded mirror etc. When i got to the top, i knew i had to jump out of the window to comit suicide, i wasn't scared or unhappy about it, i just wanted to play with the antiques but someone was coming up the stairs so i jumped.

    You can see why when i woke up i was a little concerned! i have absolutly NO suicidle thoughts wat so ever!

    Any thoughts on this please post!!!
  2. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    in dreams we do not have to assume gravity as we know it when awake. appearantly your subconscous hasn't thought of that. this in turn would lead my to suspect somewhat of an unconsious attatchment to familiar assumptions of past narrowness.

    which yes, there has always been some tendency toward that in popular culture, perhapse, to some degree, but equally at the same time, at least some degree of question outward.

    my inclination would be to let go the albatross of the weight of the chances of history, that, more then most realize, at so many points could as easily have gone other ways, that may indeed have and then been revised and distorted by the political intrests of historians, if not actual time meddlers.

    it may even be this last some part of yourself or of something, is in good, and i believe ligitiment intent, is, perhapse attempting to suggest in showing you this dream.

  3. myself

    myself just me

    i've had a similar dream. I was in a block of flats - which I think was the house where we lived when I was very young - my parents' first house they lived in by themselves. And I've been followed by some people, from my past and I wanted to avoid them. I was in our flat and suddenly realized it was nothing but a dream. But I had to follow the script and jump from the 7th or 10th floor to get rid of those people. But now that I was aware it was a dream, I thought it would be nice to see how it feels like to do that, I jumped and I was so relaxed during the fall, I even made a few figures in the air, and I didn't crash, but moved on to another scene in the dream world.

    I think this has to do with letting go with something in your past, some past habits of yours you're trying to get rid of - possibly harmful ones. Or simply a dream about changes. Nothing to do with suicide literally speaking, no need to worry. Or it may be something related to being pushed by someone or something - a deformation that happens in dreams. Being pushed against your will and control into something...
  4. edenfield

    edenfield Member

    maybe its because your innocence is growing.... your moving up to a higher self, is it not a good omen to dream of climbing to high places?...yet on the way up u still can enjoy the past in its beauties,
    it could be that a part of your old self was creeping up and deep down you were aware that you wanna get away from it ,and thats why your not scared to jump...c if u can welcome the change.
  5. tigerchild

    tigerchild Member

    thank you all for your thoughts, very much appreciated and scarily correct! i have recently changed alot, i just hope it is true wat u sed about letting something go :)

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