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Discussion in 'Gardening' started by Erin, May 25, 2004.

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    what do you use and how often?

    ok so one week i use worm wee and then the next its liquid blood and bone
    they are growing in compost so im guessing that is enough. its just winter veggies, beans peas cabbages ect..

    also organic marijuana
    need help... cant find any info on the net.
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    Use Fox Farms Grow Big(6-4-4) for veg,and Fox Farms Big Bloom(.01-0.3-0.7) for bloom!Go to www.marijuanagrowing.com for all you MJ questions/answers.A great bunch of guys!When it comes to organics,fert every 3rd watering bearing on soil .I make my own soil and use no ferts!Good luck and check outthat site!
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    I make up large batchs of general purpose organic fertilizer (4 parts kelp meal, 4 parts alfalfa meal, 1 part blood meal, 1 part bone meal, 1 part ground phosphate, 1 part limestone). I keep a tote of it next to my compost piles and when I stir the piles I add a big hand full of the fertilizer too.

    Check the composting forum ...
  4. cerridwen

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    I just use dirt straight out of my composter... it gets pretty full after each winter...

    At Halloween I always carve at least 5 pumpkins... so the shells go right in the garden and I fill those with compost, which breaks down over the course of the winter, and makes a healthy layer of dirt... and in the spring the compost gets emptied out again ... Works awesomely!

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