Favorite Movies of 2010

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Shale, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. Shale

    Shale ~

    I have all the X-Men DVD's and saw all of them in theater.

    Who cares to think when you can be entertained by mindless fantasy.

    Now stupid would be to becomes so ensconced in some form of reality that you suppressed a healthy imagination.
  2. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    What about if you don't find that mindless fantasy entertaining?
  3. Shale

    Shale ~

    Then do something more stimulating like reading an encyclopoedia or meeting hot Russian babes online.
  4. djomalley

    djomalley Fanch King

    Agreed. You have to be able to suspend your belief for some fantasy and other genre flicks. Not everything needs to be uber realistic.
  5. Razorofoccam

    Razorofoccam Banned

    Actually i read a lot of real SF

    Like Baxter Attanasio and Banks

    And hot ruskie babes online is an Xmen thing. None with 1/2 a brain believe
    russian 'babes' are any hotter than the money you put in their accounts.
  6. Shale

    Shale ~

    My feelings also. This is what I said in my Blurb on that:

    "I really liked this movie. I woulda liked it a lot more if it had ended about 15 minutes earlier and been the movie I thought it was gonna be, but it was good nonetheless."


    It was good, but could have been so much more of a movie had they stayed with the pathos of creating a new life form that could not be.
  7. Razorofoccam

    Razorofoccam Banned

    I just watched 'Centurion'

    What a pomm right hand job
  8. peaceman1985

    peaceman1985 Member

    fave film of 2010 would have been inception, not bad film i might say
  9. Razorofoccam

    Razorofoccam Banned

    Im about to watch the 2nd donnie darko move.. i hope it is not just teen glam and $300
    haircuts [for the boys]
  10. I think 2010 was a year where the critics were right up themselves

    Just watched Monsters, which they were all saying was the directing debut of the year.

    Was a stupid movie, giant alien octopuses? Geez
  11. djomalley

    djomalley Fanch King

    Downloaded a screener copy of this... but I haven't watched it yet... Thought it looked interesting at best...
  12. Razorofoccam

    Razorofoccam Banned

    girl with the dragon tatoo
  13. Razorofoccam

    Razorofoccam Banned


  14. djomalley

    djomalley Fanch King

    It's on my list to watch... Haven't found a decent copy to download yet... Last time I looked it was all R5's and Cams.
  15. surreal_charm

    surreal_charm Member

    Shutter Island, Inception and Legion
  16. Honeybee69

    Honeybee69 Member

    Resident evil after life,the crazies and primal
  17. Slappy Woodstock

    Slappy Woodstock Well-Known Member

    Resident Evil Afterlife
  18. magickman

    magickman Supporters

    I don't even remember what was out in 2010 :)
  19. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    2010 was a lousy year for movies but my favorites are

    The Town

    The Book of Eli

    The Crazies

    30 Days of Night


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