Favorite Lesbian Sex Positions

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by Stella_Drives, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. lexxilansing

    lexxilansing Guest

    i tryed that and i came like a faucet! ive never been a squirter before but i came so hard. i would love to hear more ideas from you so i can get in touch with the orgasms provided by your genius advice. that was so funny about your nipples:) i cant say i havent had a few moments like that with my doctor
  2. lexxilansing

    lexxilansing Guest

    that sounds UNBELIEVABLE. i would love to hear more from you. going to go try the position you posted right now!!!
  3. lexxilansing

    lexxilansing Guest

    lutsko67's post
  4. RroshHaleSpon

    RroshHaleSpon Member

  5. Her hips are wider than mine, she's an innie and I'm an outie (labia). She gets off so hard when i am on top and I ride her(pussy against pussy). Sometimes we use lube, it's better with a little lube. It's totally amazing. It doesn't work if she tries to ride me. It's awkward and just doesn't work. I would love if it did though but it's her absolute favorite position to have me on top. I love it too. I love feeling her slippery wet pussy against mine.
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  6. heygirlhey298

    heygirlhey298 Member

    gotta say laying on my back on the bed and her making out with me while having one arm down below fingering me :)
  7. crackwhip

    crackwhip Guest

    Ohhh this is my gfs favorite! Don't get around to using the strap-on often ... but when we dooooooo !
  8. Robroyman17

    Robroyman17 Guest

    Hi ladies,

    Have any of you successfully squirted together when grinding? would this be the ultimate?
  9. DaevaDyke

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    Personally I like going down on a girl while I have her in my hand wrapped around my fingers in such a way I like to refer to as having her in bowling ball position cuz then I have her cuming like crazy in my face & feel the power of her O in my hands.

    Other then that I'm pretty happy with a girl down on me or making each other cum in 100 diff positions.
  10. Agent6176

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    This is an easy one! As long as it's the right woman, Any position works fine for me. She can bring me to the pinnacle every time she touches me, whether it's her tongue her hands, or my dildo. Whether it's in the kitchen, on the sofa, the dining room table, the patio, the boat, or even a quickie beneath a tablecloth in a restaurant, she takes me in places I wouldn't imagine. Her magical positions amaze me! She's very creative ;-) Sometimes so gentle and beautiful, other times hard and insatiable.......it is mind blowing! She hasn't used a strap on with me but I'm willing to try it out. ;-). Just thinking of her makes my knees weak. This is all new to me but my woman has turned me into a sex fiend! I can't get enough! Now if I can just get her back :'-( She's 6000 miles away and her heart is with someone else. I've got to find a way to make her mine...completely mine.
  11. trek69

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    I love to start by kissing my lover all over and swirling my tongue around her nipples until she begs me go down on her. I lick her until I know she is close to cumming, then I stop and tease her by intermittently licking her and stopping. When she cannot take it anymore, I come up and lay on her and rub against her while kissing her. She likes to be kissing when she cums. I can make her orgasm twice quickly this way.
  12. Margo

    Margo Member

    We both like to have butt plugs in, lick each other's nipples and then lick each other's clits until we cum. After waiting we then take turns with strapons. I will scream with joy.
  13. Frenchlover

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    Butt plugs?
  14. CC23

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    Wow, both with butt plugs! I can't say I ever thought of that or have tried that! Sounds interesting though...
  15. I love to grab a girl squeeze her tight against my body so I can feel as much of her skin against mine and hump the shit out of her. P to P is best, but sometimes fingers, hair pulling, heavy breathing, nipple sucking, back scratching, breast squeezing humping from behind or face to face and fucking until we're breathless. I like to do this with or without a strap on, and similarly, I like to have this done to me. But my ultimate favorite is to give oral, with my head between a girls legs and her just lying there occasionally touching my neck or head, but mostly just me touching and licking her and feeling the way her body responds to my hand on her breast or my tongue on her thigh, my breath and lips slightly touching her clitoris. The heat of my mouth as I kiss her most sensitive parts and caress and massage them with my tongue. I love hearing the noises a girl makes while I'm giving her oral and unexpectedly slip my tongue inside her or finger her deeply while I suck gently on her clitoris and then switch it up randomly to see and feel and hear her reaction. Sex is such an explosion of reactions and I enjoy the reactions I get when I give a woman oral. So much so that when I see an attractive woman, the first wonder I have about her is what kinds of sounds she makes when she cums.
  16. AngelAus

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    I have not actually been with a girl but from what I have seen I do like the look of two girls bending over opposite to each other, cheeks together and double dildo play. When there's another girl controlling them I think she must have a pretty good view of things.
    I also like watching body to body with kissing and hands downstairs having a play.
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  17. melz

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  18. cookiesncream

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    Pussy to pussy I bet that feel good.
  19. Tkbare11

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    God you made me wet
  20. Tkbare11

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    I love it when we kiss and feel each other to get our pushy good n wet. She likes it when I spread her legs and lightly eat n tease her pussy with my mouth. I finger her lil pussy while i suck her clit. She goes wild. Hollering she's bout to cum on my lips. I then straddle her wet hot pussy and touch my pussy to hers. As we kiss we rock back n forth holding on to each other while were cummin

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