Favorite Lesbian Sex Positions

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by Stella_Drives, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. Jerlene

    Jerlene Member

    I'm good with the typical fingering and eating out positions. Although I do like it rough and kinky.:D
  2. inkstains

    inkstains Member

    ah, it's good to be a lesbian...
  3. Jerlene

    Jerlene Member

    Amen to that! I enjoy the taste of a girl. A guy's taste/smell reminds me of scrambled eggs.
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  4. Sandy Beach

    Sandy Beach Guest

    I luv it when my gf and I scissor together and grind. I love to look into her eyes as we both cum and cum and cum
  5. Jerlene

    Jerlene Member

    Scissoring was always uncomfortable for me.
  6. intomusic77

    intomusic77 Guest

    has anyone ever fisted their gf? Mine loves it and is the only way she can really get off.
  7. Sounds interesting, I never tried before
  8. Sandy Beach

    Sandy Beach Guest

    Oh you must! I enjoy slowly grinding my beaver agaisnt my gf's, I am bushy she is shaaved, she says it (the friction of my pubic hair) makes her sooo wet and horny, we slowly start grinding and keep going faster and faster till we explode in an intense O!
  9. YouFoundMe

    YouFoundMe Guest

    Am i the only one who thinks clit- to clit stimulation is the best feeling ever? Especially compared to penetration. The feeling when you're both overly wet, gliding, and direct clit to clit... when you cum, it's an incredible feeling.
  10. Sandy Beach

    Sandy Beach Guest

    mmm wet and gliding very very hot !
  11. Melesbia

    Melesbia Member

    My partner and I have been together over 15 years. She's a butch top and I am a super bottom. We have fantastic sex life. She loves to fuck me strap on style, holding my legs up by her face while she plows into me like crazy. We choose the dildo size and style based on our mood (we have a large assortment lol). We love to talk dirty to each other while we're having sex. I like to beg her to cum in me, which she sometimes can if the balls of the dildo rub her clit just right. Mostly I just beg her to sit on my face and cum in my mouth which she does every time! We also love anal sex. She will fuck my ass with the strap on from behind while I lay on my side. She will lift my top leg over her shoulder and while her dick is in my ass, she'll shove another dildo in my pussy and fuck me till I cum like crazy. Often I'll add my vibrator while she is fucking me and cum into oblivion.
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  12. Sandy Beach

    Sandy Beach Guest

    my my my, im oozing just thinking about you two lol!
  13. pussy999

    pussy999 Guest

    my fave sex position is when i'm lying back and she's sitting between my legs with our pu$$ies touching, and we suck eachother's nipples.
  14. xfirebirdx

    xfirebirdx Guest

    Well well well... Iv been reading these lovely experiences that you all like... And rather looking foreward to my first experience to come with a girl. Iv always dated men in the past, but personaly call myself pansexual, because I am attracted to people for their personalities. Well... Just last last night I found out that a girly friend, reunited after a childhood together and breaking apart... that she likes me. So I kissed a woman for the first time. And needless to say...WOW! Whats taken me so long?! I cant wait to get my own experiences :)
  15. slammacow

    slammacow Member

    I gotta agree with that! There's nothing else like your first kiss with a girl.
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  16. cockoo

    cockoo Guest

    I like it when we are in dark, we are playing with each other, kissing, licking, it is not about the position, it is about the atmosphere! :)
  17. Sweetie,no one can tell you if you're gay or not. "Gay" is just a title to satisfy society anyway. You're you:) You like who you like. What you label yourself as has no affect on that.
  18. Luv2lick

    Luv2lick Guest

    Since I've been with my new girlfriend I must say im pretty sure I have become a total FREAK so I can't even say I have just one favorite position. I can say I get extremely turned on by watching her touch herself especially when I am in between her legs licking her pussy as she does it. Last night she sat on my face and literally fucked my face with her pussy which was total orgasmic for me. I'm new at oral sex but I absolutely LOVE going down on her especially when she cums in my mouth. She, on the other hand can make me cum every time. I also luv her clit ring rubbing against my clit and although hard to admit, I love when she barely inserts her finger in my ass during sex.....mmmmm our sex is freaking HOT !!!!
  19. imagirlygirl

    imagirlygirl Guest

    I must say.... I LOVE to lick my lady. My absolute favorite is the old classic. Her on her back, knees bent, legs spread with me laying between her legs and my tongue exploring every fold. Feeling her pushing her hips into me and the the soft skin of her inner thighs pressed against my cheeks as she cums is so f'n hot. My hands find lots of places to carress and tickle as I lick her. When I feel that she is about to climax I sometimes wrap my arms around each thigh and pull her into me in a rhythmic way. Mimicking (sp?) The movement she would experience if I was fucking her with a dildo. Basically rocking her whole body in a steady fucking rhythm as she gets closer. She tells me that its super intense and the lovely sounds she makes when I do that can almost bring me to orgasm.
  20. JDboots

    JDboots Guest

    My gf is much larger than me. Six foot tall and very busty, to my five four and not so much. She is very much the aggressor and loves to sit on my face. I love watching her wiggle, groan and spasm up there too. That and things tend to get VERY wet when we do this if you know what I mean. Wish I could see past her boobs to see her face though.

    A close second is with me on my back and her spreading my legs wide and back behind my knees. I just love the slurping noises she makes as she devours me. Oh and the way her hands clench and unclench as she does this. She gets so dam excited we almost always do this first as a warm up for her.
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