Favorite Cheech and Chong line

Discussion in 'Movies' started by dweezil111, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. dweezil111

    dweezil111 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    What is your favorite scene and/or line from any Cheech and Chong movie?
  2. headymoechick

    headymoechick I have no idea

    hey man don't take those


    I almost gave you the wrong shit

    I already took em!


    what do you mean "ooooo"

    wow, man!

    hey what was that shit, man!

    you just ate the most acid I've ever see anybody eat in my life!

    that's always my favorite. it gets me every time
  3. headymoechick

    headymoechick I have no idea

    this one too!!

    arabs from Turkey?
  4. its fuckin vodka man


    your not afraid of a little speed are you man

    wow you got some speed man


    you mean were smokin dog shit, man i wonder wat great dane tastes like

    DR. REEFER Member

    "up in smoke, thats where all my money goes, in my lungs, sometimes up my nose...........when troubled times begin to bother me......i take a toke (toking sound) and il my cares go up in smoke..."

    its the theme song at the beginning of "up in smoke" sang by tommy chong
  6. ramblin'rose

    ramblin'rose kindness

    those are all so funny! the first one that came to my mind

    ~knock knock
    *who is it?
    ~Its Dave
    *Daves not here man...
    ~no man, its me, Dave...I got the shit(?) open the door
    *I told you, Daves not here man!!

    you know...
    now I have to go rent it!
    thanks for the thread

  7. goldmund

    goldmund Member

    just reading that had me crackin' up. holy shit. good times. "I hope you're not busy for about a month man!"
  8. goldmund

    goldmund Member

    hey man how am i drivin?... i think we're parked man.
  9. headymoechick

    headymoechick I have no idea

    I wasn't looking at his neck, man
  10. jerry420

    jerry420 Doctor of everything Lifetime Supporter

    donkey smell
  11. juggla

    juggla Member

    -that looks like a toothpick man.
    -naw man its good, wait it is a toothpick
  12. Man_o_Mighty

    Man_o_Mighty Member

    Still Smokin!
  13. novarys

    novarys Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    i love the scene when dude is in the looney bin and he has the straight jacket on and he tells other dude, "come scratch my balls" and he kept sayin "my balls itch man, some one please scratch my balls" and then he sits on the ground and starts sliding and jumpin along the ground :D hahaaha that scene killed me....:D
  14. luvndrumn

    luvndrumn Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    from Ralph and Herbie
    "Hey man, wanna go chase some cars and get high on the exhaust?"

    "Naw, man, that stuff'll give you brain damage."

    "Brain damage from car exhaust?"

    "Naw, man, brain damage from getting your head run over by the rear wheels."
  15. Becknudefck

    Becknudefck Senior Member

    Its fuckin vodka, man!
  16. LostChord

    LostChord Member

    i love when cheech asks for the key.. and tim leary gives him acid lol

    thats just great

    and chong is like I want the key too....
  17. EllisDTripp

    EllisDTripp Green Secessionist

    "Kinda grabs ya by the boo-boo, don't it?"

    "Am I driving OK?"

    "I think we're parked, man..."

    "What is this stuff?"

    "It's mostly Maui Wowie, But it's got some Labrador mixed in"

    "What's Labrador?"

    "It's dog shit. My dog ate my stash, and I had to follow him around with a little baggie for a week until I got it back!"

    "That's some heavy shit...."
  18. Unkle_John

    Unkle_John Member

  19. NatureFreak412

    NatureFreak412 Art of Balance

    Space Coke and cheech shoots through the roof.

    That was so freaking funny.

    but my favorite scene is where Chong has the bag of Soap and he says " i bet i could get laid with this" and Cheech is like come on man let me just smell it(cause he thinks its coke), and then he grabs it and rubs his nose all in it and starts laughing, that is the best part right there. lmao
  20. GuySmiley

    GuySmiley Member

    "Kinda' grabs you by the boo boo don't it"?, is a classic. I also love the scene in "Things are Tough all Over", when all the peyote Chong ate starts to kick in and they are dresed up like women in the restaruant in the casino. Chong starts to lose it and yell's, "I CAN'T FEEL MY BALLS, I'VE LOST MY BALLS!!!!" Cheech says, "Hey man relax, you're wearing pantyhose"..... It was pretty hilarious that Rip Taylor was in the movie.

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