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Discussion in 'Australia' started by orange skies, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. orange skies

    orange skies Member

    Whats your fav aussie saying of all time? heres some good ones:
    "on yer bike son"
    "i'll have your guts for garters" (what the hell is garters anyways?)

    Fuck i cant think of anymore help me out.
  2. Bernie

    Bernie Member

    "bugger off" with aussie accent

    "fuck off" with aussie accent

    "piss off" with aussie accent

    "give it a bone" with aussie accent

    "listen here, you mullet. why dont you go light your tampon on fire and blow your box apart, cause its the only bang you are ever gonna get"
    -priscilla, queen of the desert
  3. Bilby

    Bilby Freerangertarian Lifetime Supporter

    Check this book out, The Pengiuin Book of Australian Slang by Lenie Midge Johansen. I think the ABC has a word map dealing on a regional basis Australian coloquialisms.Also you can get for free by a bi-annual publication from Oxford University Press (Australia) that deals with Australian English.They welcome any queries that are not dealt with by books on Australian English such as Fowlers and Modern Australian English , by Nicholas Hudson.
  4. RetroGroove_Grrl

    RetroGroove_Grrl I'm a big girl now

    BAHAHAHAHA! Okay... I"m done..... *chuckles*
  5. bedlam

    bedlam Senior Member

    l'm mongrel dog hungrey
  6. "tough as nails"
    "fair dinkum" what is dinkum???
  7. sooty_the_kat

    sooty_the_kat Senior Member

    isnt a garter those elastic things that hold you clothes up or whatever?
    i dont actually say this stuff but yeah heh
    "flaming gallah!"
    "larakin up to yer shananigins"
  8. DuffyAUS

    DuffyAUS Member

    lets hit the frog and toad (lets hit the road)
    and "hang shit on..."

    people from other places think you want to hang shit on people like they are decos on a tree or something
  9. MrRee

    MrRee Senior Member

    She'll be right mate!
    Cold as a mother-in-law's kiss
    Dead as a doornail
  10. Grim

    Grim Wandering Wonderer

    "That dingo's got yer baby!"
    And the word "Tosser"
  11. BannedInDC

    BannedInDC Member

  12. hahahah...i love it.
    i know its a sad case...but where is that from, cause i saw them pissing off that line in a movie once?!
  13. ooooh! thats right

    fat pizza
  14. CHOOK

    CHOOK Member

    It's good as gold mate
  15. MrRee

    MrRee Senior Member

    Like a rat up a drainpipe
    How ya goin?
  16. Oh, definitely "That's tops!". What about Aussie Christmas Carols? You can't beat them(Thats cos their tops :p)! Especially Aussie Deck the Halls and Aussie Jingle Bells!
  17. "Get a dog up ya" (my all time favourite)
    "Goin off like a frog in a sock"
    "where's ya head son"
    any sentence beginning with " 'carn", or ending with "somethin shockin" or "fuck ya"
    any sentence containing the word "knackered"
  18. SpiralOut

    SpiralOut Member

    probably "stone the flamin' crows" or "struth". :)
  19. Puddin'

    Puddin' Banned

    "It's hot enough to boil a monkey's bum in here."
  20. MrRee

    MrRee Senior Member

    Pissed as a newt.

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