Fast and Furious 6

Discussion in 'Action Movies' started by QueenChapstick, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Saw it last night with my man. Soooo friggin gooood!

    Great story line, totally action packed. Way good.
  2. quiewre

    quiewre Guest

    I like it
    Vin Diesel is my favourite actor
  3. It's my fav movie!!!
  4. Slackjawed

    Slackjawed Member

    I loved it thought it was absurd as always but it wouldn't be a need for speed film without that element lol
  5. Yeah, i thought it was stoopid, entertaining but stoopid.

    Love the soundtrack though, have had that on high rotation on my player for the last month
  6. Vin Diesel is my favorite actor I watched this movie. tHAT WAS REALLY ACTION MOVIE. and I really enjoy this movie with my cousion. We both enjoyed this movie.

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