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Discussion in 'UK Parties and Protests' started by PeopleAreStrange, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. I made a thread about this in about November or maybe before, but since ive sorted dates and everything i thought ide get a thread up to let people know that its definately happening...

    So far (hopefully) there are four maybe five of us going up for definate (myself, Sunny Afternoon, my friends jay, friend Mike and Ashes friend who ive forgot the name of[​IMG] ).

    We will be getting the megabus (http://www.megabus.com) first from Leeds to Manchester, then from Manchester to Glasgow. This will be happening on Friday 2nd of Febuary as that is when we have time from college (A week and 2 days).

    I mailed faslane a few months back to let them know and they are fine with it and they need plenty of people to be going up as with it being winter now a lot of people stay up there, and they need the numbers.

    Would it be possible for any more people other than the possible five of us (and possibly Emma and Jamie) to make it up there for that week? I think it would be great if we got plenty of people to come up, if not plenty, then at least a few more people...just to take supplies up and help out basically.

    Thank you & Peace xx

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