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  1. How many of you would say you have a certain style of clothing. I wouldn't say i have a certain style some days when i feel lazy i just wear trackies and a tee. Lots of things influence the way i dress like if i have just watched an Audrey Hepburn film i usually feel like getting dressed up. My favourite style would have to be mod. I really like finding retro clothing. Any what style do you dress or what is your favourite style?
  2. cynthiaone

    cynthiaone Member

    I just buy what I like. I consider jeans pretty simple and basic, also classic. That's what I wear 90% of the time. I have jeans in all colors and styles. Right now I'm mostly into either the cropped jeans with boots, or the boot cut jeans with a wedge clog. But again I do love to follow trends, I’ve opted for many shopping newsletters to keep myself updated on changing trends. I think part of the fun of fashion is the trends, so I'll join in if I like it and if it looks good on me.
  3. nicoleSmith08

    nicoleSmith08 Member

    I can't say that I have a certain style in clothing..I'll wear anything comfortable like a shirt and a pants..
  4. Bella Désordre

    Bella Désordre Charmed

    I def do. I wear mostly black, white and grey, very modern and high-quality clothing and dress them up with fun handmade accesories I find off etsy or lots of jewelry and a huge handbag.
  5. Incesticide

    Incesticide Member

    Hmm, I've been getting decently attached and strict about wearing what I do.

    I usually wear Affliction/Xtreme Coutore/Tap Out
    ^Example, because they're long, and not widthy, and feels tightish and soft for my decently muscular-esc body. And of course I love the designs.

    I usually wear darker coloured jeans, usually tight-jeans. I usually cycle through black/navy blue. They feel awesome(very comfortable), and I think girls look amazing wearing them, so I've been wearing tight jeans for a while. I have some loose pairs, but it really depends what's in the wash.

    I also like wearing hoodies, I really like wearing red colours.
    ^Example. I wear different brands than this too.

    I wear hats sometimes under the hood of my hoodie, and my hair usually blocks out an eye, which looks emo-ish, so I push it more untill it doesn't.
    Shades in the summer, because I can see through it, and no one can see where I look :)
    I sometimes have neckalaces, wrist bands.
    I also wear belts. because tight pants usually wear out after a full day, and the belt keeps it UP.

    Other than that, I usually only buy clothes when they're on sale and cheap.

    Oh yeah, and converse. Everyone knows how those look like. Double layered converse or my leather pair.
  6. I have a particular style. I mix and match designer and high street. So whatever I am wearing it is at least nicely fitted and good quality.

    I wear mostly dark colours. Blacks and grays, but then throw in some red, white or teal perhaps as contrast. I go for the smart gothic look. Always try and stand out.

    Never wear more than 3 colours, and I find belts and shoes hugely effect your overall look :p

    Plenty of silver, black framed glasses and a lip piercing. I love wearing jackets with a complimentary scarf
  7. I do what I feel. I've even started my own line :) *look at sig*
  8. wildflowereyes

    wildflowereyes Senior Member

    I usually dress mod or early 60s "new look". I collect vintage clothes...
  9. noela

    noela Members

    im a classy dresser.
    i love the audrey hepburn look aswell, and the burberry look, (look, not prices D:) .. and i live in floral.

    I love vintage dresses like my 1970s dress i bought online :O

    This is exactly it :

  10. St33l_Pulse

    St33l_Pulse Member

    i love winter clothing. when its cold i will typically wear a hoodie with a flannel over it, and my leather jacket which i love to death over that. lower body always jeans or sweatpants if im feeling lazy, and classic vans. :)
  11. 52~unknown~52

    52~unknown~52 Member

    i wear my mood.
    i have no real style
    see me one day
    you wont recognize the next
    :D lol
  12. artisteque

    artisteque Member

    I suppose I'm kind of inspired by victorian and elizabethan styles.
  13. aydinerro

    aydinerro Member

    I have a dashiki! :D

    But usually, just band tees, jeans, whatever. I'm a don't-give-a-fuck-grungy-lookin mofo.
  14. liyulianyanyu

    liyulianyanyu Member

    I like to wear sportswears and they let me comfortable and relaxed.Also,during the formal situation,i would wear the white clothes or black clothes.
  15. liyulianyanyu

    liyulianyanyu Member

    Differnet people has different style about their clothes.Gentlewomen often wear gentle.sometimes i like it.
  16. Bassline514

    Bassline514 Member

    I do what I please! I have a strong taste for punk-rock items, camo prints, polkadots, mini-skirts, boxer boots and vintage accessories. I wear a lot of black with touches of bright colors and a lot of long stretchy clothes that allow me to move freely and keep me cool. I have a very feminine haircut though, get my nails done regularly and usually wear a light make-up on a daily basis. I guess my style is close to rockabilly, if I could describe it. ;)
  17. varshasingh

    varshasingh Guest

    I love to wear skirt,short jeans with cool watch and handbags....
  18. Uhh. I like themes a lot :D
    A lot of my style has derived from watching so much 90's britpop, and all the Gorillaz i love and adore... so its kind of a mix of what Damon Albarn would wear (lol) and what the cartoons in Gorillaz would wear.
    Lately its been the sailor look... like navy blue and white striped shirt, capris, a sailor hat c:, uhh... then these shoes i have... they're old fashioned work-type shoes. I love them. They're comfy.
    I wear a lot of dark colors. Uhhhh.... think Darlene on the set of Roseanne.
    yeh, mix all of that together and you get my style.
  19. Depending on my mood, A flowwy type shirt, And a sweater, Some times long sleeves with patterns. Band T's and a dashiki or two. I love wearing long bright dresses and skirts but it's so damn cold in Minnesota, I only do in from late spring to early fall. I look pretty bohemian most days.
  20. tuesdaystar

    tuesdaystar Interneter

    I get most of my clothes handed down from friends, so I take what fits and sometimes donate stuff that fits if I think it looks really awkward on me.

    Generally the only things I buy are spandex shorts and pants.

    Fashionably speaking, I'm too overweight to be allowed to wear spandex, but I'm SO ADDICTED TO COMFORT, I won't let anybody stop me.

    On any given day I'm wearing a t-shirt and yoga pants.

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