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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Voyage, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Voyage

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  2. MeAgain

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  3. OhReally

    OhReally Guest

    Pretty Death???
    a suicide fashion statement :confused:
  4. TopNotchStoner

    TopNotchStoner Georgia Homegrown

    This thread made me wanna post this song, for some reason. It's a very deep song, and it speaks volumes on the current state of our world:"]Tech N9ne - The Noose ft. ¡Mayday! - YouTube
  5. Voyage

    Voyage Noam Sayin

  6. OhReally

    OhReally Guest

    Uh, no thanks, I don't need to see your "funny junk". :frown:
  7. NoxiousGas

    NoxiousGas Old Fart

    I'm beginning to worry about you......
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  8. Voyage

    Voyage Noam Sayin

    considering the source, perhaps i should be concerned too? :)

    joking aside, i'm good Nox. i'm as harmless as an growling crotchity old dog with no teeth, you know that, we're talking words and pictures on an internet forum and nothing more. i don't feel it's possible to do actual harm with words and pictures, just as i doubt anyone is actually harmed by the words and self expression of anyone else here. however words have power, whether its expressing personal views on immigration or which meme is funnier.
    however lets compare apples and apples. if... if you do feel that was harsh, consider the possibility Mr Oh Really created his account not to participate and share, but to hassle someone that had the nerve to respond to hateful "free speech" statements based in ignorance and fear.

    when we are talking about people that are so uninformed as to wave around the first amendment as their license to say whatever the fuck they want under the free speech banner, when in fact the constitution doesn't say shit about ANYONES speech on SKIPS PERSONAL WEBSITE OR ANY OTHER MEDIA OUTLET. We are talking people that are so incapable of reading comprehension that a simple, easy to read statement like the first amendment is bastardized and turned into a protective cape like a bulletproof vest. I.E. Freedom of speech that is protected by the constitution applies to the "press", not individuals, it protects "the press" from censorship by the government and not to protect you from my ravings on someone elses forum or newspaper. this is elementary US History unless one didn't pass 4th grade.

    it does not guarantee my right to say whatever the fuck i please on Skips website nor to yell FIRE in a crowded theater. it is his website and he can do whatever he likes for any or no reason at all. we are literally talking about people that scream about their rights, not having a fucking clue how that right is actually spelled out in their brand new pocket Cliff notes version of the U.S. Constitution, as if the second they wave the Bill of Rights in someones face they get out of jail free.
    glad if the bs around here lately has been entertaining for some... still better than commercial TV. if it made someone unhappy, i am sorry. i'm unhappy too. unhappy that a "hippy forum" of "free speech" has people posting "facts" that can't be backed up with hard data, come from a place of fear and hate, and try to hide behind the constitution like mommies skirt. please don't hold me to a higher standard of behavior.

    I'm simply playing along with a few people with some of these posts, leaving bits of rope laying around. its merely goofing around on the "putting green" while the long game is my big picture. and to comment on my bits of rope left laying around when for the last several days a few people keep picking those pieces up repeatedly and tying them into their own nooses.

    if anything i've posted here has shined a light on certain members own words and the opinions expressed by them, tough shit. we're all adults here by the very nature of the forum rules. if someone really takes offense, say so, believe it or not i do read peoples responses to my shenanigans. keep commenting y'all cause the more you post the more people see the spirit and values you convey in them.

    or, it's all brilliant trolling by one or several "HF Guests".

    either way... it's all just


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