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Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by A Clockwork Orange*, May 27, 2004.

  1. A Clockwork Orange*

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    Me and two other girl friends are going to a fancy dress party tomorrow and we don't know what to wear! We've only just found out, so it would have to be somthing very simple, easy and fun"!

    If anyone had any ideas I would very much appreciate it :)


    x x x
  2. chickabean

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    PIRATES!!! easy peasy...tie coloured bandanas round your head...wear jeans rolled up to your knees, make eye patches and draw balck curly mustaches on your faces!! wear shirts and find a sword if you can :p you'll look fabulous!!

    love luchi xx
  3. Angeldustblossom

    Angeldustblossom Member

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    hey girlie i'm not sure what to say but gloves are always fun and shoes....ALL done with your own flair! Just have fun with it...let us know how it went! HUGS
  4. Enonemouse

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    Togas and wreaths of Ivy around your head and go as Romans. All you need is some white sheets and a bit of rope or a belt to hold it all together.

    Have fun at your party!!!!!

    Love & Laughter
  5. FrozenMoonbeam

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    ummm - addams family: Morticia is all black, long straight hair and goticky makeup with bright red lips; wednesday is similar only lessss amkeup and plaits.

    bad taste/80s: stubbies, side ponytails; jandals, a peach blazer with huge shoulder pads, a legionarre's hat - endless possibilites.

    French maid - get a black skirt, a black short sleeved button up shirt, a white men's button shirt - cut the cuffs and collar off the white shirt and sew them to the black one, cut a white circle out for you cap and chuck ona white apron (can make this from the shirt too ). Easier than it sounds, and it looks like you worked for ages.

    other ideas - cowboy, police person, sheriff, (go to a cheap $2 shop or the like for some kids toys that can accesorise those), a pensioner (slippers, a bathrobe).

    i love dressing up, and we have been having at least one dress up party a week latley with al our flat warmings - its fanatstic. have fun
  6. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

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    is a fancy dress party a costume party? if so, then go as alex and his droogs, you'll just need some white pants shirts and suspenders, black hats and a big fake lash. you can drink moloko with knives all eve. just leave out the ultraviolence bit.


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